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Contract checking service

Contract checking service

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Junior doctor contract

Junior doctor contract in England

Read the terms and conditions of both the 2002 and 2016 junior doctor contract for England.

Junior doctor contract in Northern Ireland

Download the terms and conditions of service for the junior doctor contract in Northern Ireland.

Junior doctor contract in Scotland

Read the terms and conditions and download the model contract for the junior doctor contract for Scotland.

Junior doctor contract talks in Wales

Find out about the talks BMA Cymru Wales has entered with Welsh Government about the junior doctor contract in Wales and keep up to date with any changes or progression.

Junior doctor contract negotiations

Find out more about the four-year deal that resulted from the BMA's negotiations.

BMA handbook for junior doctors in England

A guide to the new 2016 terms and conditions of service for doctors and dentists in training in England.

BMA handbook for junior doctors in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Your guide to the main contractual issues which may crop up in your work as a junior doctor in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Transferring between the NHS and university employment during clinical training

This guidance aims to outline your rights when transferring employment between the NHS in England and a university, either as part of clinical academic training or with an approved training programme.

Consultant contract

Consultant contract in England

Read the terms and conditions of both the pre-2003 and 2003 consultant contract for England.

Consultant contract in Wales

All consultants in Wales transferred to the new contract with the amendment agreed with the Welsh Government in December 2003. All new consultants are appointed on these amended terms.

Consultant contract for Northern Ireland

There are two distinct employment contracts in Northern Ireland, the pre-2004 consultant contract and the 2004 consultant contract.

Consultant contract for Scotland

Since 1 April 2004, all new NHS consultant posts (including locums) are appointed to the 2004 consultant contract. Consultants in post before 1 April 2004 can move to the 2004 contract or stay as they are.

Consultant contract negotiations

Find out the negotiations the BMA has been involved in about the consultant contract and keep up to date with any changes or progression.

Consultant part-time and flexible working

If you are working part-time there are a number of things to be aware of. Read our guidance to help you to know your rights.

Consultant resident on-call

Our guidance covers the implications of working resident on-call and things to consider before agreeing to it.

Consultant cover arrangements

Our guidance offers an overview of covering for colleagues, reference to your contract obligations, reaching an agreement, renumeration and time off in lieu and GMC requirements.

GP contract

GP contract England 2021/22

GPC England has negotiated minimal updates to the GP contract 2021/22 to give practice support and stability through the pandemic period. 

GP contract England 2020/21

GPC England has concluded negotiations with NHS England, and we have reached an agreement on changes to the GP contract for 2020/21.

GP contract Wales 2020/21

GPC Wales has concluded negotiations on the 2020/21 GP contract - read the details here including financial and non-financial changes, QAIF, improving access to services and workforce initiatives.

2021 update to 2018 Scottish GMS contract

The BMA’s Scottish GP Committee (SGPC) has negotiated further expression of elements to the 2018 Scottish GMS contract.

GP contract Scotland 2018/19

This page contains GP contract 2018 documentation and guidance for GPs, including the code of practice, memorandum of understanding, your FAQs and funding.

Previous GP contracts in England

See changes made in previous GP contracts.

Salaried GP contract

Sessional and locum GP contract guidance

A roundup of resources for salaried GPs, locum GPs and their employers, including handbooks, model contracts, advice for negotiations and employment rights.

Salaried GP model contract toolkit

Although there may be some differences in process in each of the four countries of the UK, the principles of this guidance apply to all.

BMA locum practice agreement

This guidance provides background and information about the locum practice agreement, including model terms and conditions.

Locum chambers toolkit

Joining other locum GPs to form a ‘chambers’, a model used by various professionals including barristers and consultants, is an alternative way of organising locum work.

Guidance for locums and employers

Whether you are a locum GP, consultant, or an employer of locum services such as a GP practice, we have guidance and fees to help with your negotiations.

SAS doctor contract

SAS contract

This guidance covers the terms and conditions of the SAS doctors 2008 contracts, for all nations, and of the 2021 specialty doctor and specialist contracts. It also offers the terms and conditions of contracts pre-2008, as well as examples of model contracts.

SAS contract negotiations

Find out about the negotiations the BMA has been involved in about the SAS contract and keep up to date with any changes or progression.

Transferring to the 2021 SAS contracts

SAS doctors can choose to move to the new 2021 SAS contracts. Read what you should consider and the stages of the transition process.

The 2021 specialist grade explained

The new 2021 specialist contract presents new career opportunities for SAS grade doctors. Read our guidance on the roles and responsibilities it involves and how you can make a case for meeting the essential requirements of the grade.

Locum working for SAS doctors

This guidance provides SAS doctors with everything they need to know about locum roles and contracts, as well as what happens if you choose to return to a substantive post.

SAS doctors acting up

This guidance addresses the situation where a SAS grade doctor is asked to cover for a senior colleague for a limited period only and is acting up into a senior role.

Autonomy for SAS grade

This guidance clarifies the arrangements on autonomous working for employers and can be used as a tool for SAS doctors, when seeking recognition of their ability to work independently.

Medical academic contract

Medical academic contract

This guidance covers the terms and conditions of contract for medical academics who are employed by universities and other higher education institutions in all nations.

Preparing for a new job as a medical academic

Key questions to ask your employer or potential employer.

Forensic physician contract

Forensic physician contracts

This page provides a model contract and guidance to inform self-employed Forensic Physicians.

Medical manager contracts

Contract guidance for medical managers

Our guidance attempts to ensure that all medical managers receive appropriate terms and conditions regardless of their employer.

Overseas trained doctors contract

Contracts for overseas trained doctors

Although we are not able to offer legal advice on any overseas contracts, we have provided a check list of what should be covered in your contract.

Public health consultant contract

Contracts for public health consultants

This guidance sets out important information for public health consultants, whether employed by Local Authorities, Public Health England or other bodies, including contractual arrangements and access to Clinical Excellence Awards.

Occupational health doctors contract

Contract guidance for occupational physicians

This guidance provides information on all contractual and pay aspects of being an occupational health doctor. Below is a summary of the BMA’s guidance for the remuneration of occupational physicians.

Criminal record checks and declarations

Declaring a criminal conviction

Find out what constitutes a criminal conviction, what you must do if you have committed a criminal offence, and why you must disclose this information as a doctor.

​Criminal record checks (DBS check)

Before you are employed as a doctor, begin a new role, or start your foundation training, your employer will check that you received certification from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), or its equivalent in the devolved nations.
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