Career progression

We have the expertise and knowledge to help you, whatever your career stage.

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Applying for a specialty training post

If you have finished your foundation programme and are looking to apply for a specialty training post, our guidance and resources will support you through the process.

Applying to the foundation programme

Find out how to apply to the foundation programme and follow our guidance to be prepared for the application process.

Specialty explorer

Get help with making an informed choice about what kind of doctor you would like to be. Specialty explorer is a tool for BMA members that matches you with medical specialties that suit your preferences.

Induction for junior doctors

A well-planned induction should help you become familiar with your new working environment, and to work effectively, so that you can provide excellent care.

Shadowing for junior doctors

An overview of shadowing for junior doctors and what to expect in terms of your role, pay and contract. 

Code of practice

The Code of Practice lays out the agreed set of information that recruiting organisations and employers should provide to doctors in training at each stage of the recruitment process, the first post and subsequent rotations.

Tips for a successful handover

Expertise and personal tips supplied by Latifa Patel, academic paediatric specialty trainee ST2.

Flexible training

Read our overview of less than full time training for doctors and some of the things to consider when you are making your decision.

Flexibility in postgraduate training and changing specialties

Read an overview of the changes to postgraduate training and guidance on how to change your specialty, following the reforms made in June 2020.

GP workforce initiatives

General practice workforce initiatives

This guide is designed to inform GPs, PCNs and LMCs about workforce initiatives and schemes that can be accessed in England.

New to GP partnership scheme

If you are considering becoming a GP partner, or applying to the new to partnership scheme, then this is a simple guide through the application process.

GP retention scheme

The GP retention scheme is support for GPs who are considering leaving the profession. Our guide outlines key points including eligibility, hours, CPD, the salary supplement and allowance.

SAS development

The SAS charter

The SAS charter was created by the BMA and NHS employers to help SAS doctors with their development and provide opportunities in their workplace.


Medical appraisals

Read our overview of what a medical appraisal is and the stages of the process.


Revalidation for doctors

Read our overview of the revalidation process for doctors.

Applying for a job

Writing your medical CV

Read our tips and advice for creating a medical CV that reflects you and your career.

Returning to clinical practice after absence

The purpose of this guide is to provide secondary care doctors with a comprehensive and transparent approach to returning to work.


Volunteering abroad as a doctor

Our guide to volunteering abroad covers the benefits to you and countries you are visiting, some things to consider and more resources to help you make a decision.

Working abroad

Working abroad as a doctor

Our guidance covers a list of things you should consider before working abroad as a doctor.

Working as a doctor in New Zealand

Read our detailed guidance about how to work in New Zealand as a doctor.

Working as a doctor in Canada

Read our detailed guidance about how to work in Canada, produced in association with the Medical Council of Canada.

Working as a doctor in the USA

Read our detailed guidance about how to work in the USA as a doctor.

Working as a doctor in Australia

Read our detailed guidance about how to work in Australia as a doctor.


Mentoring for doctors

Our guidance gives you an overview of the benefits of mentoring, how to find a mentor and the skills required to be a mentor.