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  • Employment advice

    Experience the benefits a BMA membership offers with specialist advice on issues such as contracts, pay and discrimination.

  • Career development

    Get the support you need to progress in your career from an organisation that understands your unique needs and the daily challenges you face.

  • Work-life support

    Gain access to resources, advice and support to help you get peace of mind and rest assured that help is at hand whenever you need it.

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  • Our hope is to open up our policy-making process

    Our hope is to open up our policy-making process

    Ask any doctor about what makes for patient-focused care and they will tell you that effective communication is one of the most important aspects.

  • My Awakenings moment

    My Awakenings moment

    Rose had come to the gerontology ward with a urinary tract infection. It didn't take long to fix, but then her psychiatric issues took over. I was a house officer, fresh on the wards. This was my very first job.

  • The bleep seems so antiquated, I’m amazed it survives

    The bleep seems so antiquated, I’m amazed it survives

    As a student I longed for the day I would have one of those little black boxes attached to my waist showing I had finally arrived – I was a fully fledged doctor.

Employment advice and support

  • smart devices

    Quality first

    A new resource that provides practical support and guidance to help manage workload. Find out how practices are adapting to increased pressures.

  • GPs talking at desk 2014 16x9

    Employer advisory service

    A free, comprehensive, independent service advice on a range of employment-related issues excusively for BMA members. Find out more.

  • consultant at computer 16x9

    Consultant contracts

    Contract information and supporting guidance for consultant doctors.

  • Contract checking

    Contract checking service

    BMA members - get your contract checked by employment law experts and receive it back within 5 working days using our freepost address.

  • Small business accountancy

    General practice funding

    Guidance on the contractual conditions affecting general practice finances and funding.

  • Junior doctor contracts

    Contract information and supporting guidance to help you at each stage of your new job - for junior doctors, GP specialty registrars, GP trainees.

  • Passport stamp 16x9

    Contracts for overseas trained doctors

    Contract advice for overseas trained doctors on what should be included in a contract and when to sign.

  • Male GP in meeting 16x9

    Public health doctor contracts

    Contract information and supporting guidance for public health consultants.

  • Medical academic contracts

    Contract information and supporting guidance for medical academics employed by universities and other higher education institutions in the UK.

Career advice and support

  • Hospital docs at nursing station 4 16x9

    Insiders guide to medical specialties

    Get an inside look at the medical specialties and career choices available to you.

  • School children trying on stethoscopes

    Widening participation into medicine

    An initiative that seeks to give opportunities to anyone who has the ability and desire, whatever their background, to enter into a medical career.

  • Medical school sign

    How to become a doctor

    A comprehensive guide on how to become a doctor - from life as a doctor to the ins and outs of applying to medical school.

  • Applying to the foundation programme

    To continue your training after medical school you must apply for the foundation programme. The application period is only open for two weeks a year - use our guide to get key dates and information plus tips for your application.

  • Students chatting in corridor stgeorges210915

    Your first year

    We've pulled together some practical tips and real life advice to get you through your first year of medical school.

  • Male junior doctor on phone at computer-hospital 16x9

    Flexible training

    Flexible working is becoming more commonplace - read our step by step guide and see if LTFT is right for you.

  • Hospital docs at nursing station 4 16x9

    SAS development fund

    Available in England and Scotland, the fund enables SAS doctors to develop their skills. Find out how to apply and the benefits to your career.

  • Top tips for new doctors

    We know how challenging it is starting a new post, whatever stage of your training you're at. Get advice, support and information to help you through your first years of training.

  • Returning to clinical practice after absence

    A comprehensive, feasible, and transparent approach to returning to clinical practice after absence.

Work-life support

  • Junior doctors conference 2016 14 May

    Careers help for overseas doctors

    Check out our range of learning opportunities to grow your career and build your confidence in the workplace.

  • healthcare

    Homophobic discrimination

    Read accounts from doctors who have experienced discrimination at their place of work or study.

  • stressed looking female

    Check yourself out

    Do you feel burned out, worried you may be drinking too much? Take our online surveys to check yourself out.

  • man looking moodily out of window 16x9

    Dealing with discrimination

    Find out what discrimination is and how to tackle it with our advice for employees and employers.

  • Bullying and harassment

    It can be hard to know how to deal with bullying as an employee or what steps you can take as employer to stamp it out. Read our guidance on addressing bullying and harassment at work.

  • Hospital docs at nursing station 3 16x9

    Promoting a positive working environment

    How you feel about your workplace matters. Learn more about behaviours which contribute to a collaborative and supportive working environment.

  • Your wellbeing


    Find out about a new, confidential, not for profit, psychotherapeutic consultation service for all doctors.

  • BMA counselling and Doctor Advisor Service

    Find out about the confidential counselling and peer support we offer.

  • Your wellbeing

    Hear one doctor's story

    Listen to how one doctor coped with feelings of being overwhelmed with the help of the BMA counselling service.

Collective voice

  • Wine bottles on shelf

    Minimum unit pricing

    The BMA believes the minimum price for alcohol should be no less than 50p per unit. Read more about our policy and work on minimum unit pricing of alcohol.

  • Northern Ireland Assembly 02

    Latest evidence and briefings for Northern Ireland Assembly

    We regularly deliver written and oral evidence to a number of committees at the Northern Ireland Assembly, along with briefing papers to policy stakeholders.

  • Footprint

    Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs)

    Read our briefing paper on STPs (sustainability and transformation plans) and find out how they affect you at a local level. We've also developed a set of key questions to ask your STP lead.

  • blurred hospital waiting room seating area 2

    Our response to no increase for NHS budget

    We have written to the Chair of the Health Select Committee requesting assurances about the sustainability of the NHS. Read the letter.

  • Medical Students Training

    Medical Student Leadership Award

    Leadership is one of the key skills needed for a career in any branch of practice. BMA Northern Ireland is sponsoring a leadership award for medical students as part of the Northern Ireland Healthcare Awards. Apply or nominate now.

  • Students chatting in corridor stgeorges210915

    Increase medical school places

    We have written to the Government in response to their announcement to increase the number of medical school places for 2018/19.

  • smart devices

    GP workload and future aspirations

    Take part in our national GP survey to inform our negotiations with government.

  • FY2 Adele Flowerdue and George Allan at work in the emergency department of North Manchester General hospital. manc160915. full consent.

    Junior doctor contract negotiations

    On 5 October the first group of our junior doctor colleagues will be moved on to the new contract. While industrial action is suspended, there is still action to be taken locally. Find out more.

  • GP hands holding prescriptions 16x9

    Urgent prescription for general practice in Wales

    Our urgent prescription for general practice in Wales shines a light on its increasing and unprecedented pressures, and provides solutions to address these challenges.

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