Equality and diversity guidance

We offer a range of guidance, support and information about equality and diversity in the medical profession.

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Bullying and harassment guidance

Impact of bullying and harassment

Findings from a review of recent research on the impact of bullying and harassment in the workplace and the medical profession BMA report

Promoting a positive working environment

What individual doctors can do to improve behaviour in the working environment, how to address poor behaviour and what support is available for doctors who may be under pressure. BMA guidance

Bullying and harassment support resources

If you are affected by bullying or harassment, the BMA has a range of resources and support services that can help you. BMA guidance

Bullying and harassment report: Policy, research and recommendations

BMA policy recommendations on how to reduce bullying and harassment and create a more positive culture in the NHS and medical profession. BMA report

Discrimination guidance

Discrimination advice for doctors

Guidance on what discrimination is, what to do if you are being discriminated against, and how to make a complaint. BMA guidance

Are you a good employer?

If you hold a managerial role or employ staff, it is important to know how to deal effectively with equality and diversity issues. BMA guidance

Managing discrimination from patients and their guardians and relatives

This guidance gives background information and steps that all employers and healthcare workers should take when incidences of discrimination against a healthcare worker occur. BMA guidance

LGBT+ equality in medicine

LGBTQ+ equality in medicine

Our work looks at the experiences of LGBTQ+ doctors and medical students in education, training and the workplace and on how to ensure an inclusive profession. BMA report

Inclusive care of trans and non-binary patients

This guidance aims to explain first steps and best practice in providing a supportive service to transgender, trans and non-binary patients, including patients who present with gender incongruence and/or dysphoria. BMA guidance

Gender equality in medicine

Challenging the culture on menopause for working doctors report

We surveyed our members to understand specific challenges for doctors working through the menopause. This report looks at the experiences of doctors and areas of action which could support doctors during this time. BMA report

Sexual harassment at work

We define sexual harassment, legal protections against it in the workplace, and the impact it has on doctors and medical students. BMA guidance

Sexism in medicine report

Our report, based on a survey of nearly 2.5 thousand doctors, highlights an issue of sexism in the medical profession. BMA report

Menopause support in the workplace

This page contains information for individuals and employers on the types of support they should be receiving from their place of work. BMA guidance

A joint pledge to end sexism in medicine

Sign our pledge and commit with us to address the cultural and structural factors that cause sexism in order to improve working conditions for medical students and doctors. BMA campaign

Race equality in medicine

Delivering racial equality in medicine

Our report examines the causes and current extent of race inequality in the health service and medical profession, and makes recommendations on how this must be addressed. BMA report

Racial harassment guidance for medical students

What to do if you witness or experience racial harassment at medical school BMA guidance

Racial harassment charter for medical schools

Learn how to implement the BMA charter against racial harassment in your medical school BMA guidance

Race inequalities and ethnic disparities in healthcare

Read our analysis of the CRED Race report - and how racial inequalities in healthcare need to be acknowledged to build a fairer future for patients and healthcare workers. BMA report

Disability equality in medicine

Disability in the medical profession

Our report outlines steps needed to improve support for doctors and medical students with disabilities and long-term health conditions. BMA lobbying

Disability equality in medicine

Our work looks at the experiences of disabled doctors and medical students in education, training and the workplace and the priority areas for action to ensure they are properly supported and represented. BMA guidance

Discussing disability in the workplace

BMA guidance to support both managers and staff. BMA guidance

Faith equality in medicine

Faith equality in medicine

Our guidance on supporting colleagues of all faiths in the workplace. BMA guidance