Job planning

From recording your activities to managing conversations in your job plan review, our guidance and Dr Diary app helps you to stay on top of your job plan, guiding you through the process.

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Job planning process

An overview of job planning

An introduction to the basics of job planning, including how the process should work, what the job plan should contain and other keys points that you should be aware of.

Reviewing your job plan

This guidance is aimed at those who have already got an agreed job plan in place and are about to review the contents.

Supporting professional activities (SPA) time for SAS doctors

This guidance will help you to understand what qualifies as a supporting professional activity to help you monitor your time for the job planning process.

Working on-call guidance for SAS doctors

Our guidance explains how the terms and conditions of service contributes to the on-call working arrangements for SAS doctors.

Job planning for GPs

An overview of job planning for GPs.

Dr Diary

Dr Diary app

A diary that enables you to record work activities on-the-go. It will help you to track your activities, know your work patterns and steer your job plan.

Dr Diary FAQs

Got a question about Dr Diary? Browse our frequently asked questions for the answer.

Job plans by specialty

Model job plans by specialty

Browse our model job plans by specialty to help you prepare your own job plan.

Appeals and mediation

Job plan appeals panel

The mediation and appeals process should be followed when there is a dispute over the content of a doctor’s job plan.