Guidance for doctors on the impact of coronavirus on your work, training, education, and wellbeing as a medical professional. 

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What the BMA is doing

BMA COVID-19 review

The BMA has launched a review into the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic - from the impact on the medical profession to the NHS and social care systems and public health. BMA campaign

COVID-19: How well-protected was the medical profession?

The first of five BMA reports, each with a particular focus on the pandemic response. BMA report

COVID-19: The impact of the pandemic on the medical profession

The second of five BMA reports, each with a particular focus on the pandemic response. BMA report

COVID-19: Impact of the pandemic on healthcare delivery

The third of five BMA reports, each with a particular focus on the pandemic response. BMA report

COVID-19: analysing the impact of coronavirus on doctors

We have been surveying our members through the pandemic to understand what doctors are experiencing so we can play this back to the Government. We have also been analysing vaccine uptake in doctors. BMA campaign

COVID-19: BMA actions and policy

Our policy, demands and recommendations to NHS organisations, institutions and the Government to help protect doctors, the NHS and the public during the pandemic. BMA campaign

COVID-19: BMA priorities

Our four main priorities for COVID across the UK are the vaccination programme, the impact on doctors from ethnic minorities, tackling the backlog in non-COVID care and a careful approach to easing lockdown restrictions. BMA campaign

BMA briefing: Living with COVID-19 response

The Government has published its strategy for living with COVID-19 in England. This briefing provides an overview and analysis of their plans. BMA campaign

The public health response by UK governments to COVID-19

The fourth of five BMA reports, each with a particular focus on the pandemic response. BMA report

The impact of the pandemic on population health and health inequalities

The fifth and final BMA report with a focus on the impact COVID-19 has had on population health and health inequalities. BMA campaign


COVID-19 vaccination programme

This guidance provides detail about the third phase of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in England. It includes information about the medical exemption process and emerging information in relation to the Omicron variant. BMA guidance

COVID-19 vaccination programme: extra workforce

Guidance on those who can become part of the extra workforce to deliver the programme: who can get involved, the national recruitment initiative, training requirements, terms and conditions and their indemnity. BMA guidance

COVID-19: how to communicate with different groups about the vaccine

Doctors play an important role in ensuring a positive health outcome by providing all patients with access to relevant, accessible information about the vaccine. BMA guidance

COVID-19: vaccines information for patients

This guidance addresses frequently asked questions from members of the public about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, including vaccine safety and efficacy,  how to book the vaccine, and vaccine protection. BMA views

COVID-19: mandatory vaccine guidance

Our response to the Government's announcement that all healthcare staff in England must be fully vaccinated by April 2022. BMA guidance

COVID-19: mandatory vaccinations for staff in GP practices

This guidance focuses on the implications of the new legal requirement for healthcare workers in GP practices to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  BMA guidance

GP practices

COVID-19: toolkit for GPs and GP practices

Comprehensive guidance for GPs, partners and practice managers to manage employment and contractual issues and service provision during the coronavirus pandemic. BMA guidance

Support your surgery

Our campaign addressed the mounting pressure on general practice in England to clear the backlog and the restrictions on access as a result of the pandemic. BMA campaign

Your health

COVID-19: doctors isolating and those in vulnerable groups

Read our frequently asked questions for doctors who are isolating, have underlying health conditions or live with someone who is in a high risk group. BMA guidance

COVID-19: risk assessment for doctors

All doctors should have a risk assessment, including those returning to the NHS and existing staff. We cover risk factors, tools to help you and what the process should be. BMA guidance

COVID-19: your life insurance

A joint statement from BMA and Association for British Insurers and guidance on reviewing your arrangements for life insurance and income protection during the pandemic. BMA guidance

COVID-19: the risk to BAME doctors

We look at the evidence for increased risk for black, Asian and minority ethnic doctors and provide advice about what workplace support to expect, suggest actions for employers, and explain what the BMA is doing. BMA guidance

COVID-19: life assurance scheme

Find out about the scheme and where to read updates. BMA guidance

COVID-19: PPE for doctors

Get clarification on PPE use in primary and secondary care, including procurement, use, safe working and CPR. BMA guidance

Adapting to COVID

COVID-19: death certification and cremation

This guidance replaces existing BMA guidance on verification and certification of death and cremation during the COVID-19 outbreak. BMA guidance

COVID-19: video consultations and homeworking

Advice for doctors in all settings in getting homeworking equipment, when to consult patients via video, approved NHS tools for remote consultations and tips for running them. BMA guidance

COVID-19: working in private practice

Read our overview of how the pandemic is affecting private practice and access some resources to help you tackle any issues. BMA guidance

Your contract

COVID-19 terms and conditions: all doctors

Guidance on some of the concerns you might have as a doctor about the impact of COVID-19 on your contract terms and conditions, such as annual leave, maternity, working with a disability and childcare. BMA guidance

COVID-19 terms and conditions: SAS doctors and consultants

Guidance on your rota, sick pay, working patterns, pay, annual and study leave and working outside of your specialty. BMA guidance

COVID-19 terms and conditions: junior doctors

Guidance on your rota, sick pay, working patterns, pay, annual and study leave, working outside of your specialty and indemnity. BMA guidance

COVID-19 terms and conditions: sessional GPs

Guidance on changes to your working patterns and contractual issues during the pandemic, such as annual leave, indemnity and working outside of your job plan. BMA guidance

COVID-19 terms and conditions: clinical academics

Guidance on your contractual agreements when working in the NHS during the pandemic, continuous service and pay and implications for your academic training and funding. BMA guidance

Returning to the NHS or starting a new role

COVID-19: staff redeployment

Our guidance gives an overview of redeployment for employed doctors, including giving your consent, training, terms and conditions, raising concerns and your wellbeing. BMA guidance

COVID-19: registering as an NHS reservist

NHS England and NHS Improvement have launched a major drive to recruit reservists to support the health service as staff tackle COVID-19 backlogs. BMA guidance

COVID-19: medical students who are requested to work in the NHS

Guidance for medical students on medical schools and trusts or boards offering the opportunity to take on contracts of employment in the NHS due to COVID-19. BMA guidance