Find events and learning opportunities from the BMA to develop you professionally as a doctor.

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Chase de Vere Medical Investing to beat inflation A webinar with Chase de Vere Medical exploring how to invest your money successfully in a high inflation environment.
Webinar Time management - live webinar In this live session we will create strategies and approaches for changing your behaviour and approach to time management.
Chase de Vere Medical 10 steps to a better financial future A webinar with Chase de Vere Medical exploring how to improve your financial position in the year ahead.
Webinar Negotiating and influencing with impact - live webinar This live webinar explores negotiating and influencing approaches and how to adapt your style according to the situation that you are in.
Conference JMF conference - 26 - 27 Feb 2022 The JMF conference is an opportunity for junior members to be introduced to the inner workings of the BMA. You will be able to see how the BMA and its committees represent you and your views.
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Panel Junior doctors in Northern Ireland: Q&A session An informal virtual event for all F1 doctors to address any questions or concerns you have in relation to working in Northern Ireland.
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