Consultant contract in Wales

All consultants in Wales transferred to the new contract with the amendment agreed with the Welsh Government in December 2003. All new consultants are appointed on these amended terms.

Location: Wales
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Tuesday 2 May 2023
Contract and pen article illustration

The vast majority of consultants working in the NHS in Wales are employed directly by Local Health Boards (known as Health Boards).

If you are considering an appointment to a particular Health Board it is vital that you ask for information on the terms and conditions of service that will apply.

If you are a BMA member you can contact an adviser for help by calling 0300 123 1233.


Terms and conditions of service

Read the terms and conditions of service for the consultant contract in Wales 2003.

Please note this is the TCS for hospital medical and dental staff and doctors in health medicine and the community health service in Wales, bu it covers the TCS for consultant in wales. 


Model contract

Use the model contract for consultants in Wales.