Studying medicine

Find out how to become a doctor and what to expect at medical school.

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Becoming a doctor

Applying to medical school for graduates, mature and foundation students

If you are a student who is studying for or already has another degree, a mature student or even someone who has no qualifications at all, there are a number of routes into medical school.

Medical training pathway

The training required to become a doctor can be different for everyone. We've mapped out the medical training pathway to help guide you through the process.

Getting medical work experience

If you are a student planning to apply to medical school or a doctor who is about to take on a student for work experience, our guidance will help you to get the most out of work experience placements.

Courses at medical school

There are a range of different learning styles and courses at each medical school. Find out what the best course is for you.

Intercalated degrees

A guide for medical students on intercalated degrees including the benefits of intercalating and some of the key considerations.

UK medical schools

Take a look at our map of UK universities with schools or faculties of medicine.

Applying to medical school

Our guide will help you to navigate the process of applying to medical school.

Medical student finance

Thinking about applying to medical school? Find out about the financial support available for UK and international students.

Widening participation in medicine

The widening participation initiative seeks to give the opportunity to anyone who has the ability and desire, to enter into a medical career.

First year medical students

Surviving your first year of medical school

Tips and tricks for getting through that first year of medical school and beyond.

Dear medical student

Dear medical student … is a collection of the advice we received from members only too happy to offer the perspective and experience of medical school.

#BMAFreshers2020: now available on demand!

Get set for your first year with Q&As and informative sessions with medical professionals, as well as revision tips and tricks and advice from existing med students. Catch us on demand at a time that fits around your busy schedules!

Guide to medical specialties

Tips for choosing your medical specialty

With so many things to consider, making a final decision about your medical specialty can be tough. We’ve put together some top tips to help you through the decision-making process.