Find out what annual leave and public holidays you are entitled to, and learn about other types of leave available to you.

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Annual leave entitlement

Doctors’ annual leave entitlements

Annual leave is defined in doctors' contracts, and is slightly different for consultants, junior doctors, SAS doctors, GPs, medical academics, part-time staff and LTFT trainees, and locum doctors. Local policies usually cover requesting and carrying over leave.

Junior doctors leave (2016 terms and conditions)

This guidance explains the basic annual leave entitlements for junior doctors, including LTFT staff. It also provides details on fixed leave and what to do if you become sick while on annual leave.

Junior doctors leave (2002 terms and conditions)

A guide to annual leave and sick leave for junior doctors on the 2002 terms and conditions of service.

Consultants leave

Information for consultants on leave entitlements, possible methods for calculating leave, cover for leave, and details about working on public holidays.

GP trainee annual leave, sick leave and study leave

We provide guidance to GP trainees on their annual leave entitlements.

Jury service

Doctors called for jury service

This page provides broad guidance for doctors who are summoned by the court to participate in jury service.

Public holidays

Public holidays

This page sets out standard public holiday entitlements for each of the four nations, explains the implications for part-time workers, and provides examples of how days are allocated depending on work commitments.

Public holidays for junior doctors in England

This page details public holiday entitlements for junior doctors on the 2016 TCS and includes guidance for LTFT staff.

Study, professional and special leave

Study, professional and special leave

What you as a consultant or junior doctor should consider when making an application for study, professional or special leave.

Trade union leave

Trade union leave - time off for trade union duties and activities

This page sets out the kinds of work that represent trade union activities, trade union duties and provides links to relevant guidance and legislation.
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