The BMA strike fund - donate to support striking doctors

Striking involves a loss of pay and not everyone can afford to take action without help. Our strike fund offers support to doctors who would not otherwise be able to afford to strike. 

Help us fight on, now and into the future

We have already supported more than 6000 doctors to take many thousands of strike days and it is making a real difference. 

The BMA strike fund is currently funded through voluntary donations – all the money you donate here (minus the Raisely website admin fee) goes into the strike fund.



What is a strike fund?

A strike fund is a pot of money which is distributed to striking workers to partially make up for the pay their employer deducts when they are on strike, to reduce the financial pressures on people to cross the picket line.

There are many different ways strike funds can be funded and operated. The BMA strike fund is a central pot of money that will be distributed to some doctors so they will still be able take part in industrial action.

Who can get help from the BMA strike fund

Donations to the strike fund are solely for the purpose of supporting striking doctors. The strike fund is open to any BMA member of any grade taking BMA-organised strike action. The BMA will contact the striking doctors ahead of any planned strikes to offer access to the strike fund, dependent on available funds.

How the BMA is contributing

The British Medical Association is making funds available from its reserves to meet the costs of organising the strike ballots and other steps towards industrial action, as well as the internal administration costs of the strike fund itself.

What we've achieved so far

Since last Spring, the British Medical Association’s fight for doctors’ pay to be restored has made significant progress. We have moved the Government position from refusing to talk about pay at all, to making double-digit pay uplift offers for some groups of doctors.

This has only happened because doctors have been prepared to take safe strike action to demonstrate our collective strength and resolve.