BMA membership FAQs

We answer frequently asked questions about the BMA membership.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Wednesday 22 November 2023
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Claims and reduced subscriptions

What are the salary thresholds to claim a reduced subscription?

Depending on your circumstances, we can offer a reduced subscription if you are:

  • permanently retired
  • on maternity leave
  • a doctor new to the UK
  • going overseas
  • on a lower income
  • having a career break

Members whose gross professional income is not expected to exceed £25,000 will benefit from a reduced rate of £180 (£15.00 per month).

Members whose gross professional income is between £25,001 and £40,000 will benefit from a reduced rate of £210.00 (£17.50 per month).

Members whose gross professional income is between £40,001 and £55,000 will benefit from a reduced rate of £240.00 (£20.00 per month).

Members in receipt of benefits from DWP may be eligible for free membership. Please complete our subscription membership form to apply.

I'm eligible for a reduced subscription, what do I do next?

If you qualify for a reduced subscription, please complete our subscription membership form to claim.

I am on maternity leave. How can I claim my reduced subscription?

We will change your subscription to a lower rate once you tell us you are on maternity leave. You will automatically benefit from this reduction at your next renewal. 

You should let us know if you return to work before the reduced subscription ends as you won’t be eligible to receive this reduction consecutively for a third subscription year. 

Please complete our subscription membership form to apply.

When am I entitled to free life membership?

After completion of being a full member for 50 years.

My spouse/partner is a member, what will my membership fee be?

If both members pay over £265 per year, one member will be entitled to a reduced subscription of £265. To qualify, both members must be registered at the same address.

Please complete our subscription membership form  to apply.


How do I join the BMA?

You can join online.

Join the BMA

What are the subscription rates for BMA membership?

Depending on where you are in your career and whether you are currently working in the UK, BMA membership rates vary.

See our subscription rates to find out more.

I'm retiring from the NHS but still working, what subscriptions rates do I pay?

This will depend on your gross earnings from all medical practice. Please complete our subscription membership form  to apply.

How can I change my direct debit from monthly to annual payment, or vice versa?

There is no need to contact your bank, please contact our membership team who will be happy to help. 

Overseas doctors

I am an overseas doctor, can I become a member?

Yes, if you hold qualifications recognised by the UK General Medical Council and you are registerable with the appropriate authority where you live. 

To join the BMA, please contact our membership team and we will be able to complete your application over the phone.

How will my membership be affected if I am going overseas or returning to the UK from abroad?

Your membership subscription will be adjusted accordingly and some of the benefits available may change.

Please email us  for more details.


How do I request a replacement membership card?

Please email us and we will send you a replacement card.

How do I cancel my membership?

We're sorry to hear you're thinking about leaving. Please email us so we can assist you.

When do I start receiving support?

We are here to help from the moment you join us. For situations that predate your BMA membership, assistance may be limited to telephone and email advice only. You are encouraged to contact the BMA prior to joining in order to avoid any disappointment or misunderstandings.

Read the full terms and conditions

Update your details

How do I update my personal details?

You can now review and update all of the following information on the MyBMA pages of the website:

  • Your Grade and Specialty
  • Your places of work (employer and worksite)
  • Email addresses and website password
  • Phone numbers
  • Address details including which is your primary address.
  • Your communications preferences
  • View your current Membership subscription rates 
  • Payment details for your direct debit.
  • Your equality and diversity information
  • Your Council voting region & Voting division

Log in to update your details

If you need any further assistance with updating your place of work, you can also email us.

My tax receipts

How do I find out how much I paid for my BMA membership? Can I have a copy of my tax receipt?

You can log in to the ‘My Account’ section and request a tax receipt from the payment details tab.

Alternatively, you can email us with your request and we will reply to you within three working days.

Please note that we can only include details of subscription payments that have actually been made.

Can you give me advice about claiming back professional fees on my tax return?

BMA members can claim back an element of their subscription from HMRC. Visit the HMRC website for more details. 

As our members have differing incomes we are not qualified to give individual advice and you should contact your accountant or financial adviser should you require further advice.


Will my subscription fees be reduced if I do not receive the paper edition of the BMJ?

Unfortunately, we can't reduce subscriptions based on specific benefits being used or not.

However, please remember that as part of your membership package you have full access to the publication on the BMJ website.

How do I stop receiving the paper copy of the BMJ?

Login to MyBMA and update preference to Online only in the ‘My Communication preferences’ tab.

I am a final-year medical student. How can I change over to the weekly BMJ?

Please email us with your request.