Medical academic contract

This guidance covers the terms and conditions of contract for medical academics who are employed by universities and other higher education institutions in all nations. It also highlights the implications of and questions arising from moving from NHS to university employment. 

Location: UK
Audience: Medical academics
Updated: Monday 27 June 2022
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Medical academic contract in England

Terms and conditions

The application of terms and conditions of service for consultant clinical academics is covered in Schedule 23.

View the 2003 consultant contract (NHS Employers)

Model contract

All model contract documents are available on the clinical academics page on the NHS Employers website.

Moving into academic medicine

Transferring between the NHS and university employment during clinical training

This guidance aims to outline your rights when transferring employment between the NHS in England and a university, either as part of clinical academic training or with an approved training programme.

Preparing for a new job as a medical academic

Key questions to ask your employer or potential employer.

Medical academic contract in Wales

Terms and conditions

The amendment to the national consultant contract in Wales from the Welsh Government, covers medical academics in relation to their NHS clinical work, in particular chapter eight.

All other provisions covering medical academics university work will be set out in the university contract.


Model contract

Download the honorary consultant contract for clinical academics.

Medical academic contract in Scotland

For consultants in Scotland employed in Higher Education Institutions or other organisations in a research or teaching capacity and who provide services for NHS patients in NHS facilities.

Terms and conditions

Section 13 of the Scottish Consultant contract 2004

Guidance issued as Annex C to the original NHS circular PCD (DD) 2004

Model contract

There is no model contract for medical academic contracts in Scotland. Please contact your NHS or higher education employer for more information.


Medical academic contract in Northern Ireland

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of service, associated with the consultant contract, were agreed between NICC, the HSC Employers and the DHSSPSNI in March 2004.

This document forms the basis for the employment of HSC consultants and applies to joint appointment contract holders, subject to the provisions of Schedule 23 of the terms and conditions.

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