Consultant contract for Scotland

Since 1 April 2004, all new NHS consultant posts (including locums) are appointed to the 2004 consultant contract. Consultants in post before 1 April 2004 can move to the 2004 contract or stay as they are.

Location: Scotland
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Tuesday 30 April 2024
Contract and pen article illustration

​The 2004 contract is based on a full-time work commitment of 10 PAs (programmed activities) per week, each having a timetabled value of four hours (or three hours if the PA is undertaken in premium time – see below).

Each consultant must have a job plan that sets out the number of agreed PAs the consultant will undertake, plus a list of the duties they are expected to perform within those PAs.


Terms and conditions of service

Model contract

Use the model contract for consultants in Scotland.

On-call working arrangements

How do I calculate my on-call pay?

"On call pay" is a combination of an on-call availability supplement, which depends on the frequency of your on-call and requirement to be immediately available for recall or not, plus an allocation of programmed activity for non expected levels of work undertaken whilst on-call.

See section 4.10 of the consultant contract.