Regional junior doctor committees

RJDC (regional junior doctor committees) represent junior doctors locally, regionally and nationally. Find out how to get involved in your local committee.

Location: UK
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Thursday 4 January 2024
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RJDCs (regional junior doctor committees) are the voice of junior doctors living and working in a region - they represent junior doctors locally, regionally and nationally and send representatives to the UK JDC (junior doctors committee).

We are the only national trade union or organisation that represents junior doctors to hold yearly national elections open to all members.

How to join your RJDC

There are many advantages to becoming involved in our committees. You can actively influence BMA policy-making and negotiations at regional level, represent your colleagues' voices and develop your leadership skills. 

Regional elections
  • Seats/term - every year, elections for the 13 RJDCs in England are held for their executive committee for a one-session term. Roles include, but are not limited to: chair, deputy chair, secretary, communications officer, LTFT forum rep and equalities officer. Of the elected, 42 will automatically get a seat on UKJDC. 
  • Timeline - these elections are run by regional staff after the August rotation, results are usually known in early September 
  • The elections are run via the BMA online election system 
  • Eligibility - junior doctors* who are BMA members are eligible to stand and vote in this election exclusively in the region where they live or work. Some regions have specific rules about eligibility for designated roles e.g. Chair of the RJDC (e.g Severn RJDC/East Midlands RJDC/Wessex RJDC Chair candidates are required to have attended at least 2 regional JDC meetings within the year prior to the election). Please check the election guide for your RJDC to make sure you meet the candidate eligibility criteria before nominating yourself.

*A junior doctor is defined as:

  • Doctors holding an appointment in a recognised training grade or who are within four calendar years of holding such an appointment and able to declare their intention of fulfilling such an appointment again.  Any period of statutory leave is excluded when determining four calendar years. 

The election section below is kept up to date with details about any running elections, so make sure you keep checking it throughout the year.   

To ensure you can participate in the correct election, please confirm your BMA account details are up to date.



Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about the RJDCs, please contact your regional secretariat to find out how to get involved. If you need further information or aren't sure which region you fall under, email us.

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