Committee mentoring programme​

The BMA committee mentoring programme provides guidance and support to new committee members, helping them to navigate BMA processes and fulfil their responsibilities.
Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Friday 5 June 2020
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​Would you like more support in your role as a BMA committee member? Do you need medico-political guidance? 

Our committee mentoring programme helps new committee members to become more confident in their BMA roles. It is designed to support your development in a medico-political environment.

You will be paired with an experienced committee member who can offer advice, encourage you to manage your learning and development, and help you set and achieve personal goals.

All our mentors have significant medico-political experience and go through CPD (continued professional development) accredited training before becoming a mentor.

Mentoring can have positive effects on career development, performance and satisfaction; access to opportunities; development of knowledge and confidence; and building effective professional networks.

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Mentoring is about you finding ways to solve problems, and working on strategies to do this – it isn't just having a chat with someone more senior.

Jayan George, academic FY2 trainee, Welsh council and JDC member

Who can apply?

  • Any BMA committee member can apply for a mentor.
  • Any BMA committee member, past or present, can apply to be a mentor. Mentoring is undertaken on a voluntary basis.

A programme cycle lasts for 12 months, and mentors and mentees are matched on a rolling basis throughout the year. Once the team receives your application, we aim to match you with a mentor or mentee within eight to 10 weeks.


Having a mentor has really helped my organisation, chairing of meetings, and dealing with different people – both within the BMA, and outside of it.

Twishaa Sheth, third year medical student, deputy co-chair of the MSC

Apply for a mentor

To apply for a mentor, complete the mentee application form and send it to [email protected].

Apply to be a mentor

To apply to become a mentor, complete the mentor application form and send it to [email protected].

Contact us

Please get in touch with the BMA committee mentoring team if you have any questions. Email [email protected].