Care support for BMA activities

We provide a range of care facilities to allow committee and board members to fully participate in BMA activities.
Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Thursday 9 January 2020
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BMA Family Friendly Fund

The BMA Family friendly fund provides care arrangements to allow committee and board members to participate fully in BMA activities.

You can request care provision if you are:

  • attending a meeting for which committee members can claim honoraria
  • attending a branch of practice conference.

Members requiring care provision for a meeting outside these criteria must write to the secretariat providing details and the issue will be discussed with the BMA treasurer.

Crèche facilities are not automatically provided at all BMA events, but every effort will be made to provide care if notice is given.

We can provide care services for:

  • children under 14 years
  • adults and older children requiring care.

If attendance at a BMA meeting or conference requires you to be away from home when you would normally be looking after a child or dependant, the BMA will reimburse the costs of additional care you need to arrange as required.


How to apply

Anyone requiring care for a dependant must complete and return a copy of the care requirements form a minimum of four weeks before the event.

The form can be obtained through your secretariat or the BMA conference organiser.

Facilities may not be provided if a form is received later than four weeks before the event. If you are required to attend a meeting at less than four weeks' notice and require care arrangements, please speak to your secretariat as soon as possible.


What we can provide

  • Facilities at BMA offices in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast during the hours of a meeting or conference, and up to an hour before it opens and after it closes.
  • The cost of providing care facilities for official evening events (eg dinners or lectures).
  • If you are required to attend a meeting and would prefer to use your regular care provider, the BMA will reimburse any additional reasonable costs you may incur. Additional care costs may be claimed through the normal expenses procedure.
  • Age-appropriate healthy snacks and beverages mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • An age-appropriate lunch if you have given advance notice your dependant cannot be collected during the lunch period.


What we cannot provide

  • You are responsible for any other provisions (ie formula milk, baby food, medicines, nappies, spare clothing, a familiar toy or dummy).
  • You are responsible for administering any medication.
  • The BMA will not reimburse the expenses of bringing a child/dependant to a meeting, or any additional accommodation costs incurred by a carer if their child/dependant accompanies them.
  • If a parent decides to bring a childminder to a meeting or conference, the BMA will meet the actual costs the member incurs for the childminder/ carer service, but not reimburse the childminder's expenses, including travel and accommodation.
  • The BMA is not able to reimburse payments made to relatives who may provide care.
  • The BMA shall not be liable for any aspect of service performance of the care providers we have sourced for members attending BMA conferences or meetings. Furthermore, the BMA shall not be liable for the use of personal data provided by members to external care providers of facilities.


Care at BMA House

A mobile crèche and babysitting service will be provided as appropriate.


Care at BMA events outside BMA House

Care facilities will be available during the time you are on BMA business. This includes the ARM (annual representative meeting).


Care at external meetings and conferences

Care facilities may not always be available on-site at external events, in which case you may have to use your local care provider. The BMA will reimburse any additional reasonable costs you may incur.