Guidance for medical practitioners about common fees, including what and when to charge.

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Why doctors charge fees

Why does my doctor charge fees?

A guide for doctors to share with their patients explaining why they charge fees for certain requests. Download and print at the bottom of the page. BMA guidance

Fees for GPs

Dealing with fees for non-NHS report requests

As a GP you will receive many requests for reports from Government organisations or other third parties, it is important that you and your staff adhere to best practice. BMA guidance

Fees when providing insurance reports and certificates

This guidance is to assist GPs in charging insurance companies who have asked for patient information. BMA guidance

What to charge your patients: guide for GPs

A table of certificates you should charge registered patients for, and approximations of how long each task should take. BMA guidance

Certificates GPs cannot charge fees for

Guidance on certificates which GPs cannot charge fees for. BMA guidance

Fees for mental health evidence form for patients in debt

Patients experiencing mental health issues that are being pursued by debt collectors will no longer have to pay for forms from their GP. Find out more. BMA guidance

Fees for working collaboratively with local authorities

A summary of the fees available to doctors in collaborative arrangements with local authorities in education, social services and public health. This also includes fees for safeguarding reports and case conferences. BMA guidance

Fees for childminder health forms

Fees for medical assessments of childminders for OFSTED. BMA guidance

Fees for doctors' services

Fees for driver licensing and the DVLA

We cover blood test cost, consultant fees, GP fees and a provide a DVLA invoice template. BMA guidance

Fees for benefits certification

Find out about fees for doctors on certificates and reports for DWP benefits claims. BMA guidance

Fees for mental health assessments

Guidance on fees paid by the Government for doctors performing a medical health assessment on a person to admit them to hospital. BMA guidance

Coroners’ court fees and allowances

This page outlines the fees and allowances you are entitled to as a doctor called by a coroner to give evidence at an inquest as a professional or an expert witness, or as a pathologist. BMA guidance

Fees for emergency treatment in a road traffic accident

This page summarises your fees and allowances as a doctor after performing emergency treatment to the victim of a road traffic accident. BMA guidance

Fees for asbestos medicals

Guidance for doctors completing a medical examination for Asbestos Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW). BMA guidance

Fees for whiplash reports

Guidance for doctors on the process for providing soft tissue injury reports and a table of fees to provide a whiplash report. BMA guidance

Fees for legal aid evidence from victims of domestic violence

Guidance for doctors who are being requested to provide medical evidence for patients who are victims of domestic violence and seeking legal aid. BMA guidance

Fees for seafarer examinations and medical referee

Guidance and fees for doctors on issuing certificates confirming fitness to be at sea. BMA guidance

Setting your own fees

What to consider when setting your own fees

This page runs through considerations you should take into account when laying out the fees you can charge as a doctor. BMA guidance

Setting your own fees for external patients

Find out what types of work can be carried out by any doctor who is not the patient's own doctor. BMA guidance

Types of medico-legal witness and work

Fee guidance and links to relevant guidance for doctors as ordinary, professional or expert witnesses. BMA guidance

Medico-legal aspects of providing certificates

When it comes to issuing fitness certificates for travel insurance or for health club membership, there are medico-legal reasons why you need to be careful. Read our guidance to make sure you cover yourself. BMA guidance

Medico legal fees guidance for doctors in Northern Ireland

This guidance is for doctors who are asked to provide medical reports in connection with a legal action and/or attend court to give evidence, which may involve conferences with counsel or other related work. BMA guidance

Medico legal fees guidance for doctors in Scotland

Doctors are generally approached to provide medical reports in connection with a legal action and/or attend court to give evidence, which may involve conferences with counsel or other related work. BMA guidance

Fees for doctors

Fees for consultants

Find the work and time estimates we've compiled to help guide you. BMA guidance

Fees for consultant contract schedules 10 and 11

Consultants may charge fees for some aspects of work. To make life a little easier, we list out the specific sections in your terms and conditions which relate to this area. BMA guidance

Fees for junior doctors

Find key information about contractual requirements for private professional and fee-paid work for junior doctors under the 2016 contract in England. BMA guidance

Fees calculator

BMA fees calculator

For doctors who charge professional fees, our fees calculator determines how much you need to charge to be financially viable. BMA product

BMA fees calculator - terms of use

Please read these terms carefully before using the app. This document sets out the legal agreement and terms of use for the app.  BMA product