Fees for seafarer examinations and medical referee

Guidance and fees for doctors on issuing certificates confirming fitness to be at sea.

Location: UK
Audience: Occupational health doctors Consultants
Updated: Monday 7 September 2020
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Under the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examinations) Regulations, seafarers working on UK registered ships of more than 1,600 grt and all holders of UK certificates of competency (the UK qualification for merchant ship officers) are required to hold a current certificate of medical fitness.

Only medical practitioners approved for the purpose by the Secretary of State may issue the medical certificates.

The fee for the examination and issue of the certificate has to be paid by the seafarer and is prescribed in the regulations.

The Maritime and Costal Agency (MCA) appoints medical referees who are senior occupational health consultants located around the UK, to carry out reviews of decisions made by appeals doctors, where a seafarer is dissatisfied.

The MCA is responsible for paying referees for undertaking this work.

ENG 1 Seafarer medical exam £80.00
Medical referee (per review) £280.00
Medical referee for attending casework meeting £400.00