Fees for mental health assessments

Guidance on fees paid by the Government for doctors performing a medical health assessment on a person to admit them to hospital.

Location: UK
Audience: GPs Consultants SAS doctors Junior doctors
Updated: Friday 13 August 2021
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Please note that this guidance is under review

The NHS Act 2006 (Section 236) clearly states that the Government must pay a fee to a medical practitioner who medically examines a person to apply to admit them to hospital for assessment, or for treatment under Part 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

This is for:

  • the examination
  • the report
  • any expenses reasonably incurred in doing the work.

Payment depends upon the individual's terms and conditions of service.


Your obligations

Before going any further, we advise you to always first check your own contract to see whether you are obliged to undertake this work under the following two conditions:

  • as an examination carried out in the provision of primary medical services for that person
  • As an examination carried out or any recommendation or report made as part of his or her duty as an officer of a primary care trust, NHS trust, special health authority, NHS foundation trust or local health board.

These conditions apply to all medical practitioners however there are some variations within each branch of practice and the terms and conditions held within the GP, consultant, SAS and junior grade contracts.

Please ensure to check your own professional indemnity.

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