Setting your own fees for external patients

Find out what types of work can be carried out by any doctor who is not the patient's own doctor.

Location: UK
Audience: Consultants SAS doctors GPs Junior doctors
Updated: Wednesday 1 May 2024
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Examples of work

  • Medico-legal (not covered in our existing medico-legal guidance).
  • Statements of fact.
  • Simple counter-signature as a person of standing in a regulated profession on a document (for example, driving licences and citizenship applications).
  • Attendance at airports.
  • Attendance at patient’s request at a police station
  • Professional attendance at private events (including sporting events).
  • Lectures eg for a college of further education.
  • Removal of a pacemaker prior to disposal of a body.



  • Court exemption: from attending as a witness on medical grounds.
  • Drivers: full medical examination and completion of forms for vocational drivers licence (for example, large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles, taxi).
  • Fitness to drive for insurance purposes (for example, for a racing driver or powerboat).
  • Aviation licence (pilots) - these can only be performed by Civil Aviation Authority approved medical examiners.
  • Fitness for exercise or hazardous activities (for example, scuba diving and parachuting).
  • Patients for self-referral overseas.
  • Seat belt exemption.



  • Private prescription for private patient, or drugs required for travel abroad (private or NHS patient).
  • Abortion (confirmatory) certificate; second certificate under the Abortion Act 1967 in cases where the patient is not on the GP's practice NHS list.
  • Vaccination and immunisation for travel abroad.