Fees for driver licensing and the DVLA

We cover blood test cost, consultant fees, GP fees and a provide a DVLA invoice template.

Location: UK
Audience: Consultants GPs
Updated: Monday 7 September 2020
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The BMA and the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) have agreed these fees for work relating to the medical aspect of driver licensing.

For further assistance on advising your patients on medical conditions that may affect fitness to drive, visit the DVLA website for guidance.


Allowance Fee
Blood test only £39.00

Consultant fees for driver licensing

Allowance Fee
Consultant series 2 £42.00
Consultant examination £136.50
Consultant VOC (vocational) exercise test £136.50
Copy of visual fields £42.00
Use of hospital facilities £102.50
Stress echocardiogram £500.00
Report from records £102.50
Perfusion scan £550.00

GP fees for driver licensing

Allowance Fee
VOC (vocational) GP certificate £12.50
GP series 2 £40.00
GP examination £85.00

DVLA invoice template

Guidance for the information DVLA require in order to process all payment requests efficiently.

Please note it is not mandatory to use the DVLA invoice template. You can still use your own invoice, but the DVLA request that it includes the details listed in their invoice template.