LNC rep support hub

As a BMA LNC representative get access to all the resources you need to support you in your negotiations.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Wednesday 10 January 2024
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Get support and access to a range of resources, including:

  • the LNC handbook
  • model policies
  • model constitutions
  • model presentations
  • claim template
  • BMA rep training
  • BMA promotional materials
  • campaign resources.

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LNC claim template

An outline of a model claim form and cover letter, to be adapted to assist LNCs in submitting written claims to the employer/ JLNC.



Your support network

BMA Regional Officers

You will be assigned an BMA Regional Officer in your area who will have an initial support interview with you, to support you in your role and signpost you to invaluable resources that will help you as a BMA representative. Your BMA Regional Officer is your point of contact if there are issues at your trust and affecting more than one person.

For individual issues you can:

Membership Development Manager

You will be assigned a Membership Development Manager in your area who will support you with event arrangements, including attending the event with you, supplying BMA materials, refreshments and advertising.

Louise Cox
[email protected]

MIDLANDS (West Midlands)
Lianne Denton
[email protected]

MIDLANDS - (East Midlands)
James Pell
[email protected]

Kirsty Rhodes
[email protected]

LONDON -(North Central & North East London)
Tim Combley 
[email protected]

LONDON - (North West, South East and South West London)
Daniel Tyler
[email protected]

John Hayward
[email protected]

Hazel Brittan
[email protected]

Claire Mitchell
[email protected]

Branch of Practice Listserver

Keep up to date with information effecting your branch of practice regionally and nationally. You can ask questions and exchange information relating to issues that affect doctors. You will see when meetings take place and can get fully involved in the projects that the BOP are working on.