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Organise Recruit Empower - Supporting BMA reps

A network of over two thousand BMA reps fighting for medical students, doctors, and the NHS. This page provides BMA reps with materials and resources; support in the workplace, and updates on our latest campaigns.

BMA materials and resources

As a BMA rep, you can order BMA materials and freebies to help support you:

  • Promote BMA membership and support services at events
  • Refresh noticeboards at your workplace with up-to-date BMA materials
  • Support BMA campaigns
  • Advise colleagues on the benefits of joining the BMA


How to order

  1. Use the form below to order your items. 
  2. Add the quantity in the box below item(s) you require
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Click on submit
  5. Postage normally takes 3 to 5 days. If you would prefer to download and print your own materials please see the ‘Resource downloads’ section below this one.

Your learning hub

Below you will find the training that is on offer to BMA representatives who want to be involved on the Local Negotiating Committee (LNC) and the Joint Local Negotiating Committee (JLNC). The training offers insights into how to run meetings, negotiating with others and critically how to be an effective representative.

Face to face training for reps in England

There is also a requirement for you to attend a face to face training session. We are currently refreshing our face to face training package for BMA LNC representatives and will schedule training dates in all regions towards the latter part of 2024.

As an accredited BMA representative, you are entitled to paid time off from your employer to attend this training, provided you have given the necessary six weeks’ notice.


Your support network

BMA regional officers

You will be assigned an BMA regional officer in your area who will have an initial support interview with you, to support you in your role and signpost you to invaluable resources that will help you as a BMA representative. Your BMA regional officer is your point of contact if there are issues at your trust and affecting more than one person.

For individual issues you can:

Membership Development Manager

You will be assigned a Membership Development Manager in your area who will support you with event arrangements, including attending the event with you, supplying BMA materials, refreshments and advertising.

Louise Cox
[email protected]

MIDLANDS (West Midlands)
Lianne Denton
[email protected]

MIDLANDS - (East Midlands)
James Pell
[email protected]

Kirsty Rhodes
[email protected]

LONDON -(North Central & North East London)
Tim Combley 
[email protected]

LONDON - (North West, South East and South West London)
Daniel Tyler
[email protected]

John Hayward
[email protected]

Hazel Brittan
[email protected]

Claire Mitchell
[email protected]






Branch of practice List Servers

Keep up to date with information effecting your branch of practice regionally and nationally. You can ask questions and exchange information relating to issues that affect doctors. You will see when meetings take place and can get fully involved in the projects that the BOP are working on.

Get involved with your LNC

Represent and negotiate on behalf of doctors in your area. Find out how to get involved.

Find my local rep

LNC Chairs are the local face of the BMA helping members with HR matters related to locally agreed policies e.g. locum rates, acting down rates, clinical excellence awards, job plans, industrial action concerns, and guiding members to other BMA support e.g. BMA regional officers, FPC (for individual advice), or guidance on the website.


Support in your workplace

Run a campaign on a specific issue

If you have a specific issue you'd like support with, you can email your Industrial Relations Officer contact.

Prepare for an event

If you have an up coming event and would like BMA support and materials you can email your Membership Development Manager contact or order using the BMA rep catalogue.

Workplace materials

The BMA rep catalogue has a range of materials to support you and your colleagues through a variety of issues.

Why become a rep?

If you're still unsure, here are some great reasons why you should take the chance:

  • An opportunity to make positive change to the lives of your colleagues
  • Help to build a strong union
  • Influence policy and working conditions locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Become a workplace leader and develop your leadership skills
  • Receive certified training
  • Access support and resources from a network of experts
  • Get your voice heard via BMA campaigns


Contact your BMA regional officer to apply to become a BMA rep.

Campaign template resources and campaign guides

Junior doctors wellbeing campaign

The BMA has five priorities for improving wellbeing in the workplace. Learn more about how you can support your own, and your fellow colleagues' wellbeing, with downloadable support packs, posters and social graphics from the BMA.