We offer information, guidance and action on UK doctors' occupational pensions, including the NHS pension schemes, Annual and Lifetime allowances and more.

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Additional pensions advice

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Getting the most from your pension

Learn about the various ways to increase your pension. Read our guidance on additional purchases and more.

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Doctor categories

Navigating the pension scheme is challenging, and certain conditions can depend on the type of doctor you are. Check our guidance and be fully informed.

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Going on leave

Taking any extended leave or absence can have an affect on your pension. Check our guidance and be fully informed.

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In the event of death

Make sure you and your loved ones are informed about lump sums, taxable benefits and more.

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Leaving the pension scheme

There are a few options available each with different benefits. Read our guidance to learn more about them.

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2015 NHS pension scheme

The 2015 scheme differs from the 1995 and 2008 sections, which give a final salary pension. Find out more about this scheme.

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