Understanding your payslip - junior doctors on the 2016 contract

There may be some terms on your payslip that are unfamiliar to you. Our sample junior doctor payslip explains all the different elements of pay that you might receive.

Location: England
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Wednesday 2 February 2022
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Your payslip explained

Term used on payslip Explanation for full-time Explanation for less than full time
Basic pay The relevant nodal pay point for your grade, calculated on an average of 40 hours per week Based on the proportion of full-time you work. 1/40th of the relevant nodal point, multiplied by your average weekly hours
Additional rostered hours Any additional contracted hours over 40 (up to maximum of 48, or 56 for doctors who have opted out of working time regulations) N/A
Night duty Any hours receiving an enhanced rate of 37% of your hourly basic pay. Hours are: between 9pm and 7am; hours worked until 10am in shifts of 8 hours or longer which start between 8pm and 11.59pm; any shift which ends between 12am and 4am Same as full-time
Weekend allowance An allowance set as a % of your basic salary for working 1 in 8 or more frequent weekends An allowance paid pro rata to the value of the full-time allowance, based on your work schedule’s proportion of full-time commitment to the weekend rota
On-call availability / non-resident on-call An allowance of 8% of your basic salary to compensate for your availability while non-resident on-call, regardless of frequency The cash value of the 8% allowance is paid pro rata to your proportional commitment to the full time on-call rota
Flexible pay premia This could be for: general practice, psychiatry, emergency medicine, histopathology, academia, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, and exceptional flexible pay premia As with full-time, but pro rata
Transitional pay premium N/A An annual payment of £1,500 for all LTFT trainees training LTFT on 3 August 2016, or who were on maternity leave and returned to training LTFT
LTFT allowance N/A Any doctor training LTFT and paid under the 2016 TCS pay system (which excludes section 2 pay protected trainees) will be paid £1,000 a year, monthly, for as long as they train LTFT

Cash floor pay protection

With your first payslip, your employer should send a separate statement in the format of a template. This explains how your cash floor pay protection amount, if applicable, has been calculated.

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