Junior doctor contract negotiations

Find out more about the four-year deal that resulted from the BMA's negotiations.

Location: England
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Friday 17 January 2020
Contract and pen article illustration

Negotiations to introduce a number of improvements to the 2016 junior doctor contract in England have now concluded.

The deal we have agreed with NHS Employers and the Department of Health and Social Care brings a £90 million investment for junior doctors over the next four years.


Key changes

  • Increases to weekend and night shift (shifts ending after midnight and by 4am) pay
  • £1,000 a year extra for all less than full time trainees
  • A fifth nodal point on the payscale at the level of ST6
    'Section 2' transitional pay protection extended until 2025
  • Improved GP trainee mileage and confirmed supernumerary status
  • Improvements in rest and safety entitlements, with no more pay-to-stay when too tired to drive
  • Contractualised NROC/LTFT rostering guidance
  • Exception reporting for all ARCP/portfolio requirements
  • Guaranteed annual pay uplift of 2 per cent each year for the next four years.


Next steps

Find out how the new contract compares to the current 2016 contract, and read about how and when the changes will be introduced.