Member benefits for international medical graduates

Supporting you in every stage of your career. From helping you settle in the UK to supporting your career progression, the BMA provides expert support and advice whenever you need us.

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"The BMA really knows about our struggles… and are doing something about it, a BMA subscription is not a should but a must."

Dr Derek, IMG and GP Specialty Trainee


"A case that looked impossible at first glance, with his help [BMA employment advisor] I came out of it, quoting my director 'without a scratch' all due to the help of the BMA."

Dr Derek, IMG and GP Specialty Trainee


Our immigration advice service

If you have an immigration query, we can refer you to our dedicated immigration advice service, where you can get free, basic advice on your initial enquiry.

If your enquiry is complex and goes beyond basic advice, as a member of the BMA, you will be eligible for a reduced fee for further legal support.

Initial free advice covers:

  • Advice on applications for leave to enter or remain in the UK that are within the immigration rules.
  • Diagnosis of your need for specific immigration advice.
  • One-off advice.

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