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The BMA exists to support its members in their professional lives.

If you are a BMA member with an employment query contact our advisers, they are here to help you.

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BMA employment advisers

Telephone lines and webchat are open between 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays. Calls cost the same as geographic numbers starting 01 or 02.

Message our twitter or facebook accounts to contact an adviser for assistance or to arrange a call back. Do not disclose any personal identifiable information about third parties when posting public messages via twitter or facebook.


Who are the BMA advisers?

First point of contact advisers

We are a team of specialist employment advisers.

Our job is to help you with any query or concern you have relating to your pay, your contract, terms and conditions or any other aspect of your working life.

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Other ways to get in touch

  • Listening and learning - share your feedback

    Your opinion is important to us. We are committed to delivering the best possible services and support to our members and we need your feedback to enable us to do this.

    It helps us know what works well and what we can improve further, so we have made the feedback process easy to access. Use it to give feedback on the policies, procedures, or actions of the BMA.

    In return we will:

    • respond quickly, considerately, and consistently
    • listen, reflect and learn

    Send us your feedback


    What counts as feedback?

    If you are not happy with something the BMA has done or failed to do, please tell us. You can also tell us when we have done something well.

    Tell us about your experiences when it comes to services supplied by people or organisations acting on behalf of the BMA.

    You can feedback on anything - from a specific action taken by a person, to the BMA failing to comply with its mission or values. But your comments must be about something that is within the responsibility of the BMA.

    BMJ feedback

    Please note, the BMJ is independent of the BMA and has its own complaints procedure.

  • Feedback FAQs

    Can non-BMA members give feedback?

    Yes, if you have used a BMA member service but are not yourself a member, for example as an attendee at a BMA event or conference or user of our facilities – please tell us about your experience.

    What is the time limit for providing it?

    Any feedback must be given within three months of the event(s) or service concerned.

    How do I submit feedback?

    The best way to contact us is by email and it will be acknowledged within three working days. Nicky Jayesinghe, Head of Corporate Development has accountability for quality assurance which includes member feedback.

    What if I want to feedback about the level or standard of representation I have received in my legal or employment case?

    Please follow our complaints procedure

    Will my feedback be dealt with in confidence?

    The BMA acknowledges that feedback can be sensitive and therefore needs to be handled carefully. 

    Read more information about the BMA's commitment to privacy

    I am unhappy with the outcome of my complaint. What steps should I now follow?

    If you are still unhappy following the outcome of how we handled your concerns, alternative bodies exist, such as ProMediate which can deal with any concerns raised should we (and you) decide to use such a scheme.

    I have bought goods or a service from the BMA but I am unsatisfied with my purchase. What can I do?

    If you bought goods or services from us online, we both can use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform. It is an interactive website offering a single point of entry to consumers and traders seeking to resolve disputes. It is intended to facilitate the independent, impartial, transparent, effective, fast and fair out-of-court resolution of disputes between consumers and online traders. It provides information relating to the out-of-court resolution of contractual disputes and hosts a form which allows traders and consumers to submit concerns and attach relevant documents.

    View the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

    Our email address for the purpose of handling any feedback or concerns made under the ODR platform is [email protected]

  • BMA membership services

    Membership queries
    If you have a query about your BMA membership, please read our help guide before contacting the team
    Membership FAQs

    Web login queries
    If you are having trouble logging into your online account, please read our help guide before contacting the team
    Login FAQs

    BMA Counselling
    Confidential counselling for all doctors and medical students, available 24/7
    Telephone: 0330 123 1245

    Immigration advice for members
    Email a BMA immigration adviser
    0300 123 1233

    Financial services for members
    Telephone: 0845 609 2008

  • BMA House

    BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP (map)

    General switchboard number
    Tel: 020 7387 4499
    Use our enquiry form

    Visiting BMA House
    Members are welcome to use the facilities, meet their colleagues and attend our events at BMA House.
    Find out more

    The BMA has produced an accessibility guide to help you plan your visit to BMA House.
    Download the guide

    BMA House meeting and event hire
    BMA House offers a wide range of flexible spaces to cater for all kinds of events. Contact us to find out more about room hire details.
    Tel: 020 7874 7020

  • BMA National offices

    14 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1LL (map)
    Tel: 0131 247 3000 Fax: 0131 247 3001
    Email: [email protected]

    5th Floor, 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 4DQ (map)
    Tel: 029 2047 4646 Fax: 029 2047 4600
    Email: [email protected]

    Northern Ireland
    16 Cromac Place, Cromac Wood, Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7 2JB (map)
    Tel: 028 9026 9666 Fax: 028 9026 9665
    Email: [email protected]

    BMA Brussels Office
    BMA European Office, Rue du Luxembourg 3, Brussels 1000, Belgium (map)
    Tel: 0032 2 502 8501

    BMA Centres
    Members can login for a full list of BMA Centres and their email addresses
    For employment queries, members should call a BMA adviser on 0300 123 1233

  • BMA media teams

    Press office London
    Tel: 020 7383 6448
    Email: [email protected]

    Press office Northern Ireland
    Tel: 028 9026 9673 or 028 9026 9666
    Email: [email protected]

    Press office Scotland
    Tel: 0131 247 3050 or 0131 2473051
    Email: [email protected]

    Press office Wales
    Tel: 029 2047 4646 or 029 2047 4621
    Email: [email protected]

  • Public affairs teams

    Public Affairs (London)
    Tel: 020 7383 6515
    Email: [email protected]

    Public Affairs (Northern Ireland)
    Tel: 028 9026 9678 Fax: 028 9026 9659
    Email: [email protected]

    Public Affairs Office (Scotland)
    Tel: 0131 247 3052 Fax: 0131 247 3051
    Email: [email protected]

    Public Affairs Office (Wales)
    Tel: 029 2047 4626 Fax: 029 2047 4621
    Email: [email protected]

    International inquiries
    International Department
    Tel: 020 7383 6133 Fax: 020 7383 6644
    Email us

  • Enquiries from the public

    Members of the public can get in touch with the BMA by phone 0300 123 1233 or by email at [email protected]

    Please also visit our patient information area for useful information on how the NHS works and more.

    Visit our Patient information area

  • BMA website

    Web login queries

    If you are having trouble logging into your online account, please read our help guide before contacting the membership services team.

    Login FAQs


    BMA website

    If you are having difficulty locating the information you need or if you wish to inform us of an error or fault with the website, please get in touch with the team. 

    Contact the Digital Content team

  • Conditions of use

    The BMA monitors inbound and outbound emails for viruses, hoaxes, profanity etc and reserves the right to intercept, read, store, filter, archive, delete, view, copy, block and examine all emails for compliance, security and audit purposes and if necessary, take proceedings against the parties involved.