Employer Advisory Service

We provide specialist HR and employment law advice for GP practices, GP partners and practice managers. 

Location: UK
Audience: GPs Practice managers
Updated: Monday 22 August 2022
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A service for you and your practice

For GP partners who are BMA members, we provide HR and employment law advice for you or your delegate.

Our advisers understand the unique nature of GP practice and can provide specialist tailored HR and employment law advice for all your staff issues, and many partnership queries.

Key service areas
HR advice & employee relations support Partnership agreement checks
Employment law case management Interpersonal mediation
Employment policy audit NHS contract resource (via GPC)
Dispute resolution procedure support: - settlement agreements - ACAS early conciliation - Tribunal representation* * Subject to BMA T&Cs Fees calculator
Your service is amazing! I feel very confident to turn to you for employment advice, I know you have my back and that of the practice to ensure processes are followed and the right outcome is achieved. Thank you for all your hard work!
GP practice manager

Common concerns for GP practices

Our experience informs us on the most common issues facing GP practices. 

We stay in close contact with our members and support them in the challenges arising from the recent pandemic.

This enables us to provide you with reliable, expert advice and support on topics most relevant to you.

Recent and common issues include:

  • Long COVID and disability
  • Conduct vs performance
  • Disciplinaries
  • Managing relationships and grievances

Check out our latest blogs to understand how we help our members get through challenging situations. 

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How we can help

For all your HR and employment queries, as a GP partner and BMA member, you can contact our team of BMA advisers using the details below. 

If you prefer, we can liaise with your delegate. 

Need help? For questions about any aspect of your working life, our advisers are here to help you. Opening times: 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank holidays)
The advice was very helpful and supportive as we had never dealt with a situation like this before at the practice. The advisor explained things in simple terms which was easy for us to follow.
GP partner
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