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Industrial action suspended


As of Saturday 25 September, we have a new JDC leadership team.

  • Chair - Ellen McCourt
  • Co-deputy chair (Terms & Conditions and Negotiating) - Will Sapwell
  • Co-deputy chair (Training and Education) - Jeeves Wijesuriya
  • Co-deputy chair (Professional Issues) - Pete Campbell

This is a huge honour at a difficult time and we're proud to be representing you.

There are enormous challenges ahead of us and we will work tirelessly to ensure that we junior doctors have the support and respect in order to deliver the best possible service for patients and the best possible outcome for junior doctors.

Following the elections today, JDC considered the strategy on the new contract and our ongoing dispute. The committee heard and considered feedback from members from every region in England, as well as the views of the wider profession, patients and the public in considering the next steps on the dispute. Our primary consideration in coming to this decision has been our overriding concern about patient safety, the care we provide every day and the ability of the health service to deliver this care.

After a vigorous passionate, thoughtful and wide-ranging debate this afternoon, the JDC has decided to suspend industrial action while planning other actions over the coming weeks.

To be absolutely clear, the JDC still opposes the implementation of the contract and the BMA and we will be coming to you in the next few days to discuss and explain these actions to you.

The past few months have been difficult and frustrating and we know that members are anxious for information and practical support. In the first instance, early next week, we will be providing guidance and support for the first cohort of junior doctors, our colleagues in O&G, where they are moving on to the new contract.

We are - first and foremost - doctors. Our decision today serves to underline this and our commitment to our patients.

For many people this whole dispute has turned on how the NHS will assure consistent quality of care over seven days. It has highlighted the need for an open and honest debate led by the BMA on how this will be achieved. We call on our colleagues across the medical profession, other healthcare professionals, the Government and patient groups to engage with junior doctors on this.

The JDC also discussed the progress made on the whistleblowing protections which many of you raised as a key concern.

We've released new information on whistleblowing following a legally binding agreement to strengthen protections for junior doctors in this area. Find out who it affects, how it works and what protections are in place.


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