Northern Ireland general practitioners committee

The Northern Ireland general practitioners committee (NIGPC) represents all general practitioners working in Northern Ireland. Find out more about our members, meetings and priorities.

Location: Northern Ireland
Audience: GPs
Updated: Friday 10 September 2021
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The Northern Ireland general practitioners committee (NIGPC) is a standing committee of the BMA and represents all general practitioners working in Northern Ireland. It considers and acts on matters affecting those engaged in general practice in Northern Ireland, including contractual matters.


Our priorities

  • Ensuring that primary care is at the front and centre of discussions and future planning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensuring that primary care is at the forefront of public and government opinion when designing and delivering services and policies for the people of Northern Ireland.
  • Working to deliver more resources to general practice and primary care in Northern Ireland.
  • Supporting the development of multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) and working to deliver more resources for the roll-out of MDTs across Northern Ireland.
  • Supporting the GP Federations.
  • Workforce - addressing recruitment and retention issues and promoting general practice as a career.
  • Supporting sessional GPs.
  • Ensure equity and protection for Northern Ireland’s GPs in relation to indemnity arrangements.
  • Continue to explore a review of premises directions, including options where they are a risk to practice.


Our people

Chair: Alan Stout

Deputy chairs:
Frances O’Hagan
David Ross


Dr G Bonnar
Dr U Brennan
Dr J Burns
Dr C Castles*
Dr A Cox
Dr J Crothers
Dr M Cunningham
Dr M Curran
Dr C Devlin
Dr I Kernohan
Dr D Mace
Dr B McCoy
Dr A McCullough
Dr A McDowell
Dr M McKenna
Dr D McManus*
Dr A Milligan
Dr P Molloy
Dr C Moore
Dr C Mullan
Dr F O’Hagan
Dr B O’Hare
Dr D Ross
Dr S Sproule
Dr P Stirling
Dr A Stout
Dr K Kasaraneni, GPC (UK) Representative 
Chairman of Northern Ireland council  
Chairman/rep of Northern Ireland consultants committee - Dr T Black
Chairman/rep of Northern Ireland junior doctors committee - Dr M Kerr
Chairman/rep of Northern Ireland medical academics staff committee - Dr K McGlade
Chairman/rep of Northern Ireland medical students committee - Dr S O’Hara
Chairman/rep of Northern Ireland staff, associate specialists and specialty doctors committee - Dr P Darragh
GP trainee - Dr D McManus
Dental representative - Dr A Nicholl  
Non-voting observer from the RCGP(NI) – Dr G Doran  
Non-voting observer from the Ophthalmic committee – Ms C Savage 
Non-voting co-optees – Dr L McDonnell, Dr B Patterson, Dr C Fitzpatrick, Dr L Sands 
*Sessional doctor representatives  

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Develop your skills as a committee member

Take part in one of our free courses designed to give you the right skills to:

  • break down equality and inclusion bias (CPD-accredited)
  • value difference and inclusivity
  • live out BMA behaviour principles.
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NIGPC domestic negotiations

The role of the NIGPC domestic negotiations team is: to discuss matters of importance at regional level; to provide an impetus for individual LMCs to negotiate for optimum terms with the HSC board; to enhance the LMCs influence in their dealings with the HSC board for the betterment of all GPs in Northern Ireland and to deal with NIGPC business between full committee meetings.

NIGPDF/NIGPC finance subcommittee

The NIGPC Defence Fund Limited is a company limited by guarantee. The NIGPDF/NIGPC finance subcommittee comprises the chair and deputy chair of NIGPC, the treasurer of NIGPC (who chairs the subcommittee) and the chair and assistant secretary/treasurer of each of the four local medical committees. The subcommittee meets twice a year to look after all aspects of the committee’s finances, in particular: investment of voluntary levy income; LMC accounts and business plans/bids; honoraria payments for NIGPC and LMC officers; honoraria and mileage payments for meeting attendance; Cameron fund; GPDF and NILMC conference.

NIGPC IT subcommittee

The NIGPC IT subcommittee comprises representatives from NIGPC, the Health and Social Care Board, RCGPNI and practice managers. It meets three times a year to consider all matters pertaining to IT in general practice and reports back to NIGPC.

Policy subcommittee

The committee deals with policy issues related to health in Northern Ireland.

Our meetings

The NIGPC meets four times a year to discuss the latest issues for GPs in Northern Ireland and to develop policy and strategy. Only members of the NIGPC may participate in votes; however, general practitioners who are BMA members are welcome to attend in a non-voting capacity as part of the BMA committee visitor scheme.

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 16 June 2021

All meetings take place from 10am to 5pm either virtually or in our new offices (address TBC).

For more information about NIGPC meetings, email us or call 02890 269666.


How to join NIGPC

There are many advantages to becoming involved in our committees. You can actively influence BMA policy-making and negotiations, represent your colleagues' voices and develop your leadership skills. 

Each committee has a few routes to becoming an elected member. In the case of NIGPC, this is: 

Local medical committees
  • Seats/term - every three years, all LMCs in Northern Ireland elect representatives for a three-session term. Seats are distributed between LMCs in the following proportions: 
  • one member from each LMC with a constituency of 50 general practitioners or less; for every additional 50 general practitioners in a constituency, one additional member is elected

  • one additional LMC representative if an existing representative from that area is elected chair of NIGPC

  • one additional sessional GP representative from each LMC.

  • Timeline - elections are run by the LMCs and are usually held in April. 
  • Eligibility - all GPs who are BMA members are eligible to stand and vote if they live in the relevant areas. 

To join NIGPC via LMCs, contact your local LMC for information on any open elections.



Elections to NIGPC via LMCs are now closed.

The next elections will take place in 2024.


Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the NIGPC, please email us or call 02890 269666.