GP trainees committee

The GP trainees committee is part of the GPC (general practitioners committee). We provide national representation for all doctors on a GP training programme.

Location: UK
Updated: Wednesday 6 January 2021
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The GP trainees committee represents all doctors on a GP training programme, including BMA members and non-members, and trainees in hospitals or GP practice placements.

We work closely with GPC, LMCs, the junior doctors committee and the junior members forum.


Our priorities

The GP trainees committee works on a number of issues affecting GP trainees. Find out more about some of our work.

GP trainee indemnity

GP trainees in England no longer need to purchase additional personal indemnity, under agreements secured by the BMA. The GPC’s 2019/20 contract agreement with NHS England secured delivery of the state-backed clinical negligence indemnity scheme for GPs in England. Under the scheme, all GP trainees placed in GP settings for training purposes will automatically be covered for clinical negligence liabilities – no payments are required to benefit from the indemnity provided.

Following further discussions between HEE (Health Education England) and the BMA’s GP and GP trainee representatives, the BMA can confirm that comprehensive personal indemnity cover for all GP trainees will be funded by HEE until qualification. Those trainees who purchase their own professional cover should continue to seek full reimbursement until such times as a future bulk-indemnity agreement is arranged by HEE.

Where a trainee’s personal protection is currently provided by a medical defence organisation through a bulk-indemnity agreement, this will continue.

GP trainee applications update

We are aware that there have been delays in processing applications for GP trainees in England for the performers list beyond the three-month window for applications to be processed. Trainees should inform their employer as soon as possible if there is a delay in an application being progressed.

If the application is approaching three months after the start of the GP specialty training programme, the trainee should contact their NHS England local area team to ask for their intervention. In the event that the necessary documentation has not been provided by the deadline, the NHS England local area team will be notified and will decide if the application should progress or further information is required.

Instructions for applications are outlined by HEE on the PCSE website. All documentation should be sent together with the application in order to be processed.

GP trainee out of hours (OOH) survey

The BMA GP trainees committee conducted a survey into out of hours work to gather information on key issues such as minimum notice, supervision and feedback. This has allowed us to build evidence in an area that many GP trainees are concerned about and we have been working with key stakeholders in improving the experience of working out of hours for GP trainees.

Out of hours recruitment supplement affecting GP trainees

We are aware that, in some areas, employers are misinterpreting a clause in the previous junior doctors’ contract, which is resulting in some GP trainees not being paid for out of hours (OOH) work. Supplementary guidance has been produced for GP trainees who are affected by this.

RCGP exam fees

The GP trainee committee has been seeking transparency on GP trainee exam fees from RCGP. Following a positive meeting with key members of the college, we are working together on a detailed breakdown of costs.


Our meetings

The GP trainees committee meets three times a year to discuss the issues that affect you. These meetings are open to committee members only.

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 24 March 2021
  • Wednesday 16 June 2021.

All meetings will take place virtually.

For more information please email [email protected].



Elections to the GP trainees committee are now closed.

The next elections will take place in 2021. 


Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the GP trainees committee, please contact [email protected].