Transitional pay protection

Guidance on transitional pay protection for junior doctors under the 2016 terms and conditions.

Location: England
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Monday 11 September 2023
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What pay protection is

As part of the 2016 contract deal, junior doctors who worked under the 2002 contract or applied for their training programme ahead of the 2016 contract implementation are normally entitled to pay protection. There are two types of pay protection available to this group of doctors, these are outlined below.

Section 1 pay protection

  • Available for doctors who were at the earlier stages of their training at the time of implementation of the 2016 contract.
  • Based on the basic salary and banding that you were earning on the day prior to starting work under the new contract.
  • This has been extended to 6 August 2025.

Section 2 pay protection

  • Available for doctors at later stages of the training programme.
  • Doctors on section 2 pay protection are paid a basic salary on the pay scale (MN37) on which they were previously paid under the 2002 T&Cs.
  • Doctors receive annual increments on the anniversary of their previously agreed incremental date until they exit training or until 6 August 2025, whichever is sooner.


Pay protection eligibility

The eligibility criteria for pay protection is set out in schedule 15 of the junior doctors T&Cs. They are complex, so you are encouraged to read them in full.

Our guidance on understanding your payslip may be useful, to understand how the other elements of your pay have been worked out.


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