Clinically-assisted nutrition and hydration

Clinically-assisted nutrition and hydration for healthcare providers, funders and managers

Location: England Wales
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Tuesday 8 September 2020
Topics: Ethics

We know that these decisions are complex and time-consuming, and that in a time and resource pressured environment it can be difficult. We do not expect you to make these decisions alone, and have developed some information targeted specifically at providers and funders of healthcare, and for managers about how they can support you.

This sets out the key legal and regulatory principles which need to guide decision-making, and also includes a range of suggestions for steps they can take to support you; recommendations for education and training; and the importance of ensuring that both practical and emotional support is available for healthcare teams involved in these decisions.

We have included a lot of this information in 'Appendix Three' of the main guidance document, but you might like to download the 'Information for healthcare providers, funders and managers' document to share with your employer.