How to contact us

Speak to a BMA adviser, contact the membership office, national teams, press office or public affairs, give feedback or make a complaint.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Wednesday 1 May 2024
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Pay campaigns

If you are contacting us about strike action, a ballot or referendum, or any other aspect of our pay and contract disputes, take a look at our guidance pages for junior doctors, for consultants, for GPs or for SAS doctors, which may answer your queries.

​Employment advice for BMA members

If you’re a BMA member with a question about your contract, pay or any other aspect of your working life, please log in to look through our most frequently asked questions in the first instance as these may answer your query.

If the FAQs do not answer your query, or you need further support with an employment matter, our webform is the best way to contact us initially:

We will make an assessment of your query to ensure that you get the help you need. We always aim to contact you ASAP and we may do that via email or telephone. We prioritise support for the most urgent cases.

If you have any accessibility issues that mean you can’t use our webform please click here.


Membership services

Membership queries

You can now review and update all of the following information on the MyBMA page of the website:

  • Your Grade and Specialty
  • Your places of work (employer and worksite)
  • Email addresses and website password
  • Phone numbers
  • Address details including which is your primary address.
  • Your communications preferences
  • View your current Membership subscription rates
  • Payment details for your direct debit.
  • Your equality and diversity information
  • Your Council voting region & Voting division

If you have a question about your BMA membership, please check our membership FAQs.

If you can’t find the answer, please use our webform to share the details of your query:

If you have any accessibility issues that mean you can’t use our webform please click here.

BMA advisors

Who we are and how we help

Wellbeing support services

Confidential counselling and peer support for all doctors and medical students available 24/7.

Find out more

Immigration advice for members

Email a BMA immigration adviser.

Financial services for members

Chase de Vere Medical | Tel: 0345 609 2008.

Personal and commercial insurance

Lloyd and Whyte | Tel: 01823 250580.


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BMA House

Our head office is BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP (map).


Help plan your visit to BMA House using our venue accessibility guides for visitors and BMA members.


National offices


14 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1LL  
Tel: 0131 247 3000
Email: [email protected]


5th Floor, 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 4DQ
Tel: 029 2047 4646 
Email: [email protected]

Northern Ireland

Eagle Star House, 5-7 Upper Queen St, Belfast BT1 6FB
Tel: 028 9026 9666  Email: [email protected]


Please contact England Public Affairs for any European or International related enquires.



England media office

Tel: 020 7383 6448 | Email: [email protected]

Northern Ireland media office

Tel: 028 9026 9673 or 028 9026 9666
Email: [email protected]

Scotland media office

Tel: 0131 247 3018 or 0131 247 3050 or 0131 247 3023 Email: [email protected]

Wales media office

Tel: 029 2047 4646 | Email: [email protected]

Visit the BMA media centre for the latest press releases from our media offices.


Public affairs

England public affairs

Email:[email protected]

Northern Ireland public affairs

Tel: 028 9026 9678 | Fax: 028 9026 9659 | Email: [email protected]

Scotland public affairs

Tel: 0131 247 3018 or 0131 247 3050 or 0131 247 3023 | Email: [email protected]

Wales public affairs

Tel: 029 2047 4626 | Fax: 029 2047 4621 | Email: [email protected]


Enquiries from the public

Members of the public can get in touch with the BMA by email at [email protected].


Website technical issues

Website troubleshooting

If you find an error or experience a fault when using the BMA website, let us know.

Website access

If you are having difficulty accessing member only content, products or services, please check our website access help page. 


Feedback and complaints

General feedback

We welcome any feedback that you have about the BMA as an organisation, whether it is in the form of observations on what you find particularly helpful about its policies and public statements, or what you feel could be improved.

If you have any comments, positive or negative, the BMA or any person or organisation acting on its behalf, please let us know at  [email protected].

Your comments must be about something that is within the responsibilities of the BMA.

How to make a complaint

We are open to receiving complaints that you would like to be investigated about your individual experience of interacting with the BMA. We take all complaints seriously and if you are unhappy with any of our products or services, we will listen; where improvements need to be made, it’s important we have the opportunity to put things right.

As outlined in our policy, please send complaints by email to [email protected].

A brief summary of how complaints are investigated can be found below:

  • Complaints will normally only be accepted if they have been made within three months of the events concerned, although the BMA can make exceptions where it is appropriate to do so (such as where you would not have been aware that you had cause to complain within this period). All complaints will be managed and investigated independently by the BMA Complaints and member liaison team.

  • We will acknowledge your complaint within two working days and will send a progress update on the investigation of the complaint within 15 working days. We will then aim to respond in full within 30 working days. We will keep you informed of progress if more time is needed to address your concerns in full. You will be informed by the BMA Complaints and member liaison team of the outcome and any learnings or actions taken.

  • You can appeal against the outcome of your complaint by submitting a written statement for the attention of the BMA Director of corporate and member development setting out your reasons for appeal (Please complete the appeal outcome form in Appendix 1 of the Feedback and complaints policy).

  • Appeal statements must be submitted within 15 working days from when you are informed of the outcome of your complaint. Appeals are accepted at the BMA’s discretion and are handled impartially by an independent, external party who will provide a recommendation. You will be informed in writing of the outcome.

The BMA has a duty under health and safety at work law to ensure the wellbeing of its staff, including protecting them from harassment and bullying. While we fully understand the frustration that dissatisfaction may cause, BMA staff are there to help and should be treated courteously at all times.

The full feedback and complaints policy can be accessed below.

Code of conduct support line

  • Call on 0800 028 2092

Any concerns about the conduct of BMA members when they are representing the BMA or in the course of BMA business can be raised through this dedicated support line.

The Code of Conduct support line is a free, independent and external service that provides support and guidance to BMA members and staff. This is the first point of contact to help them deal with their concerns and the impact of behaviours exhibited by BMA members, and to discuss possible resolutions.



The BMJ is independent of the BMA and has its own complaints process.

BMA Law 

Please note, BMA Law Limited is independent of the BMA and has its own complaints process.


Conditions of use

The BMA monitors inbound and outbound emails for viruses, hoaxes, profanity etc, and reserves the right to intercept, read, filter, store, delete, copy, block and examine all emails for compliance, security and audit purposes and if necessary, take proceedings against the parties involved.



Employment advice and support

If you have any accessibility issues that mean you can’t use our webform, you can contact us by email or call 0300 123 1233 where you will be able to leave a voice mail for one of our advisers to call you back during our opening hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Membership services

If you have any accessibility issues that mean you can’t use our webform, you can contact us by email or call 0300 123 1233 where you will be able to leave a voice mail for one of our advisers to call you back during our opening hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday