Northern Ireland public health medicine committee

The NIPHMC reports to the UK public health medicine committee on matters concerning Northern Ireland. Find out more about our priorities, members and meetings.

Location: Northern Ireland
Audience: Public health doctors
Updated: Tuesday 30 August 2022
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​The NIPHMC (Northern Ireland public health medicine committee) reports to the UK PHMC on matters concerning Northern Ireland. It keeps the central committee informed on issues and changes to practice in Northern Ireland.


Our priorities

  • Promote the committee and engage with public health doctors in Northern Ireland.
  • Maintain and improve terms and conditions for public health doctors in Northern Ireland.
  • Ensure public health issues remain on the public agenda.


Our people

Chair: Dr Vinod Tohani

Dr Naresh Chada
Dr Jenny Mack
Dr Kirsty Kapande
Dr Diane Corrigan
Dr Brid Farell


Our meetings

The committee normally meets three times a year.

All our meetings are currently taking place virtually.

For more information, email us.




The conference took place in February 2020.


The 2019 public health medicine conference was held at BMA House on 5 March and chaired by Southwark strategic director for place and wellbeing, Professor Kevin Fenton. The theme for the year was ’Resilience of public health systems and people’.

Read the highlights from the 2019 conference and watch the webcast.


How to join

There are many advantages to becoming involved in our committees. You can actively influence BMA policy-making and negotiations, represent your colleagues' voices and develop your leadership skills. 

Each committee has a few routes to becoming an elected member. In the case of NIPHMC, these are: 

Direct elections
  • Seats/term - every three years, elections for 6 seats on NIPHMC take place for a three-session term.
  • Timeline - elections are usually held in November.
  • Eligibility - all public health medicine consultants in Northern Ireland who are BMA members are eligible to stand and vote in this election. 

The election section below is kept up to date with details about any running elections, so make sure you keep checking it throughout the year.  



Elections to NIPHMC are now closed.


Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the NIPHMC, please contact us.

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