Joint academic trainees subcommittee

The JATS (joint academic trainees subcommittee) represents academic trainees on behalf of both the medical academic staff committee (MASC) and the junior doctors committee (JDC).

Location: UK
Audience: Junior doctors Medical academics
Updated: Monday 7 December 2020
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An academic trainee is a junior doctor with an academic or research component to their training. The JATS (joint academic trainees subcommittee) has the responsibility of considering and addressing issues of concern to academic trainees and of ensuring that academic training is taken into consideration by the MASC (medical academic staff committee) and the JDC (junior doctors committee).

Our role involves:

  • advising the MASC and JDC on matters affecting academic trainees, including on possible courses of action, and facilitating the sharing of information between MASC and JDC
  • leading on developing BMA policy specifically for academic trainees, apart from contractual negotiations on which the subcommittee will advise both MASC and JDC
  • leading on developing guidance for academic trainees for approval by MASC and JDC
  • leading on developing and enhancing communications with academic trainees.


Our priorities

  • To ensure that the revisions to the 2016 junior doctor contract on pay are translated into the pay and contracts of academic trainees employed by universities.
  • To ensure revision of the guidance on eligibility for the academic pay premium.
  • To ensure enhanced supervision and governance of university-employed academic trainees when working in the NHS.

A key role of JATS is to plan and organise the BMA’s clinical academic trainees conference. The most recent conference was held in February 2019. If you have suggestions for content and speakers for future conferences, do get in contact at [email protected].


Our people

Co-chairs: Jeeves Wijesuriya and Yanushi Wijeyeratne

Deputy chair: Ella Mi

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of JATS, or in getting involved, please contact [email protected].