Scottish consultants committee

The Scottish consultants committee represents all consultants working in Scotland. Find out more about our priorities, meetings and membership.

Location: Scotland
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Wednesday 24 March 2021
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Our priorities

Recruitment and retention

The health service in Scotland is facing real challenges with consultant recruitment and retention. Official figures from ISD Scotland in March 2019 showed that 7.2 per cent of consultant posts are vacant.

SCC continues to press the Scottish Government to improve the way in which vacancy data is collected by boards and to consider providing supporting guidance for boards to improve the consistency of data collection.

What’s more, the use of 9:1 contracts is making Scotland a less attractive place for consultants to work and is undermining morale in the profession. SCC has repeatedly warned that more needs to be done to make Scotland’s NHS a more attractive place for consultants to work.

Distinction awards and discretionary points

The Scottish Government has confirmed that discretionary points will be paid from 1 April 2019 for work done in 2018-19. However, distinction awards continue to be frozen with no increase in the value of the awards, no new awards and no progression through the award scheme during 2019-20.

This is the tenth year of the freeze on higher awards. The doctors and dentists pay review body, the Scottish Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the medical schools of Scotland support our concern that the ongoing freeze on the distinction awards scheme is having a serious effect on recruitment to senior posts. We are also concerned that the lack of new awards puts Scotland at a disadvantage in relation to other parts of the UK where new awards continue to be made.

Learn more about distinction awards and discretionary points

Representing consultants in Scotland

The SCC represents the views and priorities of consultants in Scotland on a range of other BMA committees and external bodies.

Some of the external groups and bodies we liaise with on behalf of consultants in Scotland include:

  • General Medical Council
  • Revalidation Delivery Board for Scotland
  • Shape of Medical Training Transition Group
  • Specialty Training Boards
  • Scottish Government Management Steering Group (MSG)
  • Disciplinary Procedures Review Group.

Reengaging the workforce

The SCC commissioned research on the changing experience of work for consultants in NHS Scotland. It indicated that, despite consultants' commitment to their patients, their colleagues, and the health service, they are disengaged from NHS boards and their management structures.

Download the full report
Download the executive summary

Having discussed this with consultants from across Scotland, we believe that the best way to reengage consultants is to try to reinvigorate the appropriate use of the statutory medical advisory structures.

We've produced a paper that outlines a list of principles and a possible framework to help facilitate discussion in order to support both NHS boards and local consultant representatives.

Download the paper

Balancing DCC (direct clinical care) and non-DCC work

Our guidance is aimed specifically at helping address the imbalance in some consultants' job plans between DCC and non-DCC work. It aims to provide support for consultants who are concerned about the non-DCC component of their job plan and the medical managers who are responsible for agreeing job plans with consultants.

Download the guidance


Our people

The committee includes 37 representatives who are mostly appointed by ACCs (area consultants committees). There are two directly elected members; these appointments are for two years and open elections are held for consultants working in any area of Scotland.

Nominations are sought from local ACCs. Where there is no recognised local ACC, nominations are sought from the BMA local negotiating committee (LNC) or an equivalent local representative body for consultants which is recognised by SCC.

Seats on the Scottish consultants committee are distributed between boards based on the number of consultants employed in the board area. Every ACC has a minimum of two representatives, with the larger boards having a higher number determined by the size of their consultant workforce.

Chair: Graeme Euson

Deputy chair:
Alan Robertson

SCC fund treasurer: Alan Robertson


Two representatives appointed by Ayrshire & Arran ACC
Dr Lucie Buck
Ms Jacqui McMillan

Two representatives appointed by Borders ACC
Joanna Bredski

Two representatives appointed by Dumfries & Galloway ACC
Dr Ranjit Thomas

Two representatives appointed by Fife ACC
Dr Chu Chin Lim
Dr Jane Timperley

Two representatives appointed by Forth Valley ACC
Dr William Newman

Three representatives appointed by Grampian ACC
Prof Irfan Ahmed
Mr Simon Barker
Mr Rory Morrison

10 representatives appointed by Greater Glasgow & Clyde ACC
Dr Julie Arthur
Dr Iain Kennedy
Dr Douglas McCarter
Dr Iain McGlinchey
Dr Lee Riddell
Dr Judith Roberts
Allyson Ramsay
Kenny Pollock
Mahesh Perera
Sajid Farid

Two representatives appointed by Highland & Western Isles ACC
Mr Christian Michels
Dr Robert Peel

Three representatives appointed by Lanarkshire ACC
Dr Surindra Maharaj
Vacancy x2

Six representatives appointed by Lothian ACC
Dr Ashish Agrawal
Dr Karen Darragh
Dr Andreas Demetriades
Dr Ewan Olson
Dr Sunit Rane
Dr Joo Thong

Three representatives appointed by Tayside ACC
Dr Duncan Forbes
Dr Tamasin Knight
Dr Alan Robertson

Two representatives directly elected by consultants in Scotland
Dr Richard Levin
Dr John Miller

Two representatives appointed by NHS Special or Islands health boards
Dr Mark Steven

One representative appointed by the Scottish Committee for Hospital Dental Services of the BDA
Dr Manar Elkhazindar

Our meetings

We meet three times a year to discuss the latest issues affecting consultant doctors in Scotland.

Only members of the SCC may attend meetings and vote; however, consultants who are BMA members are welcome to attend in a non-voting capacity as part of the BMA committee visitors scheme.

Meeting dates:

  • Tuesday 2 February 2021
  • Wednesday 19 May 2021.

All meetings take place either virtually or at:

BMA Scotland
14 Queen Street
EH2 1LL.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the SCC, call us on 0131 247 3000 or email us.

If you’d like to feedback on our priorities, email the SCC chair.