The BMA Goldstone pension modeller

The modeller will provide an accurate estimate for your pension if you are a consultant or SAS doctor in the 1995, 2008 or 2015 schemes. It will estimate your annual allowance and lifetime allowance charges.

Location: UK
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Friday 11 August 2023
Piggybank illustration

The BMA Goldstone pension modeller provides robust data for consultants across the UK to calculate if they are above the annual allowance threshold.

There will be some limitations in the calculation of the scheme pays loan for those in Scotland, due to a discrepancy in the way interest charges are calculated.


Use the modeller

The modeller is suitable for consultants or SAS doctors who have been working as consultant or SAS for 7 years.

Before using the modeller, you must get an access code.

To reveal the access code and modeller, please sign in if you are not already.