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A guide for GPs - maternity and other types of parental leave

This guide aims to direct all GPs to the information they will need about each kind of parental leave.

Location: UK
Audience: GPs
Updated: Thursday 2 May 2024
Topics: Maternity, paternity and adoption
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The internet is packed with information about the various kinds of parental leave and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

This guide contains useful links to a range of general information that will be useful to GPs and will serve as a helpful checklist as you prepare for each stage of your leave, including:

  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Adoption leave
  • Shared parental leave
  • Enhanced shared parental leave
  • Statutory parental bereavement leave
  • Leave for surrogates
  • Unpaid parental leave

As a BMA member, whether you are a salaried GP, partner, locum or registrar, we encourage you to contact us to seek advice regarding your own individual circumstances.

Your Local Medical Committee (LMC) will also be a valuable resource throughout the parental leave process, and they may be able to direct you to local workshops and networks.


GP maternity and paternal leave webinar - 2 December 2020

GP maternity and parental leave webinar – 9 December 2020

What this guide covers

Section 1. Your leave entitlements

  • What is my leave entitlement?
  • Do I have a partner who is entitled to leave?

Section 2. The financial situation

  • What kind of maternity pay am I entitled to?
  • How much will I receive?

Section 3. Notifying the practice and making plans

  • When do I need to inform my employer?
  • What information do I need to provide?
  • How much contact should I have with work during leave?
  • How should I plan my appraisal?

Section 4. Things to consider during pregnancy

  • What are my rights regarding attending appointments
  • What happens if I am unwell during pregnancy?
  • Have I had appropriate risk assessments?

Section 5. During your leave

  • What are KIT days?
  • How does annual leave fit with maternity leave?

Section 6. Returning to work

  • What provisions should an employer make when I return to work?
  • What happens if I change jobs or roles during leave
  • What happens if I take extra time out from work?