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This guidance covers the terms and conditions of the SAS doctors 2008 contracts, for all nations, and of the 2021 specialty doctor and specialist contracts. It also offers the terms and conditions of contracts pre-2008, as well as examples of model contracts.

Location: UK
Audience: SAS doctors
Last reviewed: 10 June 2022
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As a SAS doctor, you should be employed under the national contracts for one of the roles within this grade.

This page details the terms and conditions of service for each contract in each nation, which set out the provisions and contractual rights that apply to you. There are also model contracts, on which your contract of employment should be based.

If you are concerned that the contract you are being offered differs from those set out here, get in touch with our contract checking service.


SAS contract for England

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SAS contract for Northern Ireland

SAS contract for Scotland

Terms and conditions of service 

Terms and conditions of service for associate specialists in Scotland.

Terms and conditions of service for specialty doctors in Scotland. 

SAS contract for Wales

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