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GP contract 2024/25 changes

GPC England has rejected the 2024/25 GP contract changes and is returning to negotiations with the Government. The contract on the table by the end of February will then be put to members in a referendum – make sure you can have your say.

The current contract changes

The BMA’s GP Committee in England (GPCE) recently received formal contract changes from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England (NHSE) for the GMS contract for 2024/25.

After consideration at its meeting on 1 February 2024, the Committee unanimously voted that the contract, which ignores the reality of the unsafe and unsustainable pressures facing practices, is unacceptable.

Most notably, the committee believes the current 1.9% baseline practice contract funding uplift is nowhere near what is needed to prevent practices from reducing staffing and services or closing altogether.

The GPCE Officer Team has been instructed to return to discussions to seek significant improvements before the end of February.

You can watch the chair of GPCE, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer’s reaction to the 2024/25 GMS contract here:

Ongoing negotiations

We’ve said from the beginning that our door is always open to ministers and their teams. We’re willing to leave no stone unturned to find a solution. As such, GPCE Officers will now enter into further discussions with DHSC and NHSE representatives to try to improve the contract and bring back hope, safety, and stability to all GP practices in England for 2024/25.

We expect to have a frank, open, and solutions-based dialogue with ministers and their teams over the coming weeks. We urge them to take a similarly constructive approach, and hope that they utilise this opportunity to provide the support and reassurance the profession and patients desperately need in this General Election year.

What we've asked for

Ahead of the 2024/25 contract being presented, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer wrote to Primary Care Minister, Andrea Leadsom MP, last month about what the profession needs to counter significant general practice funding erosion.

You can read the letter here

Despite this, the contract currently fails to give general practice in England the resources it needs. That’s why any improved contract must include a marked increase to the practice contract baseline funding uplift, which is currently well below inflation.

Without this, GPCE believes that significant numbers of practices will have no choice but to make staff redundant and freeze recruitment, severely impacting patient access and ultimately reducing quality of care.

We also fear rising numbers of GP contractors and partnerships being left with no option other than to serve notice on their contracts, leading to a slew of practice closures.

Results from our recent four-week snap finance survey of one in 10 GP practices show that:

  • Two thirds of practices reported that they are concerned about their short and long-term financial stability.
  • More than half have experienced cashflow issues in the last 12 months.
  • Almost three in four practices reported being “very/extremely worried about the impact of inflation on practice finances”; for example, due to considerable rises in practice running and salaried staff costs.

Pressures in general practice data analysis

The BMA monitors data on GP workforce, working patterns, and appointment numbers, which illustrates the growing pressures on general practice.

View our recent data analysis
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