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GP contract 2024/25 changes

We are now in dispute with NHS England. Following the strength of the referendum vote rejecting the contract changes in March, we will now be holding a non-statutory ballot on action by GP contractors/partners in England.

GPC England announces a non-statutory ballot

The ballot will open 17 June and close 29 July. Before then, we need you to login to update your details to make sure you can vote. This includes:

  • personal details
  • place of work details for all your roles

In this first ballot, GP contractors/partner need to vote YES to send a message to Government that we are ready to stand up for a better service for our patients, and to protect our practices.

In March, we asked members in a referendum whether they accepted the changes to the 2024/25 contract. More than 19,000 GPs took part and almost 100% voted ‘no’. Despite these warnings, the Government has so far failed to make any improvements to the contract, prompting the committee to launch a ballot on collective action. The ballot is open to all GP contractors/partners, and we need you to vote YES. We need to send a message to Government that we are ready to stand up for a better service for our patients, and to protect our practices. 

Ballot roadshows

The GPC England officer team is travelling across England in a series of roadshows, hosted by regional LMCs leaders. These events offer an opportunity to hear face to face about the GP campaign, understand the non-statutory ballot, and discuss and debate with your peers.  

The events are open to all GP contractors/partners and practice managers, salaried GPs, GP registrars and practice nurses are also very welcome too.

Background to the contract changes

In March, Members voted to reject the Government and NHS England’s 2024/25 GP contract changes.

The referendum did not constitute a ballot on industrial action and taking part in the referendum did not pose any risk to contractor, locum, salaried or registrar members.

More than 19,000 GPs and GP Registrars took part in the BMA’s referendum, with over 99% voting ‘no’

Read the press release on the results.

The referendum result could not have prevented the Government from imposing its 2024-25 contract changes but the result sent a strong and powerful signal expressing the profession’s views about the contract.

Full details of the contract imposition have been published to allow GPs and GP Registrars to make their own fully informed judgments.

Read our contract changes explainer

Future guidance on the contract changes

The BMA GPCE will shortly publish advice and guidanc to help you consider how best to approach the contract changes. We will include this in the regular GP member bulletins and LMCs will also disseminate it to practice constituents.

We strongly encourage you to discuss this with your LMCs and neighbouring practices. It’s easy to insist that GPs and practice staff absorb more and more, but the Government is responsible for making sure enough resources exist so that staff are practising safely and patients receive safe care.

Safe working guidance

The existing safe working guidance will be refreshed very shortly.

Pressures in general practice data analysis

The BMA monitors data on GP workforce, working patterns, and appointment numbers, which illustrates the growing pressures on general practice.

View our recent data analysis
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