Empowering change at the junior members forum

The JMF’s medical student representative Grace Foy explains what to expect at this year’s event

Location: UK
Published: Friday 26 January 2024

Hello! My name is Grace Foy, and I am a third-year medical student at the University of Bristol and medical student representative of your executive committee for the JMF (junior members forum) this year.

JMF is hugely important to us, and we cannot wait for you to get involved. For most of us on the committee, it was our first time last year, which will be the same for many of you. It’s an opportunity to learn new skills from workshops, speakers, and networking. You’ll also have opportunities to influence BMA policy and propose motions that could be lobbied and be incorporated into UK legislation.

The theme for this year’s forum is ‘Empowering change’. The theme, speakers and workshops behind this year’s JMF are all built on the ideas of your executive committee, a team of doctors and medical students elected at last year’s conference by people just like you. Over the past year, we have met to decide the focus of this year’s forum, providing expert speaker and workshop suggestions for the organisers to put on an exciting and inspirational forum. You can learn more about each of us in your JMF welcome booklet.

What will happen over the weekend?

The Saturday will involve talks from members of the BMA and invited speakers. You will attend motion writing sessions and your chosen workshops, submitting a motion that afternoon should you decide to. There will then be the conference dinner on the Saturday evening.

Motions are proposed and debated on Sunday, and election results revealed for the next year’s deputy chair and executive committee, voted for by attendees. Over the weekend you’ll have many opportunities to network, including over lunch, breakfast, refreshment breaks and the conference dinner.

What should I bring?

  • Bring your pen and a notebook for all the great ideas you hear and motion writing you may do.
  • You will not need any snacks; refreshments and meals are provided!
  • An open mind – cliché I know, but I never expected to come away with so much from the conference, and it was all just from getting stuck in.
  • A water bottle or coffee flask to keep hydrated; you will be able to refill it throughout the day.

How will I be able to get involved after the weekend?

There will be the opportunity to apply and be voted onto the JMF executive committee for 2025, and to be elected as a representative for the 2024 ARM (annual representative meeting).

You can also get involved with the BMA back at home by:

  • representing doctors at your place of work by joining a local negotiating committee
  • representing doctors at a regional or national level through regional and national councils
  • joining your branch of practice committee and taking part in UK-wide negotiations.

Find out more

I recommend reading:

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the forum next month! Be sure to look out for your executive committee members when you arrive and come over to say hi.

Grace Foy is a third year medical student at the University of Bristol and medical student representative on the JMF executive committee