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Who's looking after you?

There's never been a more challenging time to be a doctor, so it's good to know there's someone looking out for you.

The BMA has been supporting doctors and championing the profession for over 175 years.

We have 170,000 members.

We are one profession and we stand together.

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  • We provide essential advice and representation to protect the employment and progress the careers of our 170,000 members

  • From your workplace to seats of power we fight for your best interests and ensure your voice is heard

  • We offer the latest learning resources and free access to bmj.com to help you fulfil your potential

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Joint action and perseverance in the struggle for fair pay and conditions do pay off. 

Junior doctor member


Getting the right contract and pay was easy with the BMA's help. 

Salaried GP member


I have found BMJ Learning to be an extremely valuable part of my BMA membership. 

GP partner member

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Reasons to be a BMA member

red tick Employment support

We understand your working life. If you have a query on your contract, pay issues, leave entitlement, working relationships, rotas or discrimination contact an adviser.

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red tickRepresentation

We have represented doctors in negotiations since the start of the NHS in 1948. As a BMA member you can help shape your profession and have your say.

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red tickImmigration advice

Get personal advice about your immigration situation.

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red tickProgressing your career

As a doctor, you never stop learning. Let us help you get the most from your career development.

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red tickEthical advice

Get personal responses to case specific issues and practical guidance on a wide range of ethical issues and aspects of medical law.

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red tickFinancial and legal services

We offer members a comprehensive and exclusive range of tailored financial and legal products and services.

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