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Webinar Emotional intelligence webinar Research has suggested that emotional intelligence supports successful leadership and better relationships, but in what way, and how could this be harnessed in clinical settings?
Webinar Assertiveness in the workplace webinar Assertiveness is an essential management skill, particularly when the need arises to advocate the needs of your patients and articulate your own. This webinar outlines common situations where we need to assert ourselves and suggests challenges that we may encounter along the way.
Webinar Managing others through change webinar - May Change - in healthcare – is constant. As clinicians, you will be expected to lead, manage and adjust to change throughout your careers. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about sudden and dramatic change for many of you and your teams.
BMA module Assertiveness in the workplace The aim of this module is to provide you with practical assertiveness skills that you will be able to apply to your workplace.
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BMA module Building professional relationships Intended for early career doctors and medical students, this module examines some of the relationships you have with other professionals at work. Greater insight into the dynamics of your working relationships, will give you the confidence to fit into new teams quickly and be more adaptive to others in your workplace.
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BMA module Coaching and mentoring skills This module introduces you to the principles and skills of coaching and mentoring, for the benefits of your own development, and that of your colleagues in the workplace.
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