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As a BMA member you get access to a range of clinical and non-clinical courses to help with your professional development and studies:

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Webinar Being assertive in challenging situations - live webinar Become more confident in challenging unhelpful behaviour in the workplace. This practical and interactive short course will teach you practical strategies and communication skills to help prevent and change difficult behaviour and manage situations for better outcomes.
Webinar Career planning - live webinar Whether you have a good sense of direction, want to transition to a new job, are not sure which direction to take your career in, our interactive webinar will help you learn how to seek out and take advantage of opportunities and increase your readiness to deal with challenges.
Webinar Emotional intelligence - live webinar Our ability to understand emotions is a lifelong skill. EI (emotional Intelligence) helps us to perceive our own emotions as well as those around us, allowing us to regulate, respond and build relationships effectively. It is essential to all aspects of life. By developing EI you will see the positive impact that it can have on your day-to-day work, in your communication with patients and your team, and in your personal growth and wellbeing.
Webinar Leadership essentials - live webinar Most, if not all doctors have leadership responsibilities - If people look to you for direction in any element of your work, you are leading, even if you don’t have a formal leadership position. In this interactive training session we will teach you the skills needed for high quality leadership that can improve your credentials, inspire confidence in yourself and in others, as well as improve clinical outcomes.
Online learning GP leases and service charges This training will cover key issues that General Practitioners should consider when entering into leases for the premises they operate from.
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Webinar Dealing with pressure at medical school - live webinar At medical school you'll find some things come naturally to you whilst others take more time to adjust to. Different people, new living arrangements, and exam pressures are a lot for any university student, but medicine has its own unique challenges.