There's never been a more challenging time to be a doctor, so it's good to know there's someone looking out for you.

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Your benefits

  • National contracts

    National negotiations

    In today's uncertain environment, unity is more important than ever. Our negotiating committees work tirelessly behind the scenes to defend terms and conditions and use our sole negotiating rights with the Government to actively represent your needs and interests getting your voice heard where it matters.


  • Employment advice

    Individual employment advice

    Whatever your branch of practice you can turn to our expert employment advisers on a number of issues including contracts, pay, annual and parental leave, discrimination and more.



    Contract checking service

    Over 11% of contracts checked last year contained deviations from the recommended model, does yours? Get peace of mind and ensure yours is correct with our free contract checking service.



    Employer advisory service

    If you’re a GP employer get comprehensive, impartial and authoritative advice on a huge range of employment-related issues from our dedicated advisors.


  • Policy, influencing and lobbying

    Policy reports, briefings and lobbying

    The BMA’s work on key pieces of legislation, select committee inquiries and Parliamentary debates ensures that UK doctors are well represented on important issues affecting you in your professional life. We take every opportunity to brief MPs and Peers on your concerns, as well as keeping them abreast of important BMA news and research on a wide range of topics.



    Guidance and information

    Whether you’re seeking advice on a complex pay matter or you need further information about the appraisal and revalidation procedure, we provide a range of clear guidance taking you through difficult processes step-by-step.



    Research grants

    Embark on a new academic journey with a BMA research grant. Every year, we award around 10 grants totalling £500,000 to fund vital research conducted by members like you.


    Ethics e-handbook

    Access essential guidance on everyday ethical dilemmas and potential legal situations with our handy reference books.

    Everyday medical ethics and law: practical advice on everyday ethical dilemmas, a summary of best practice standards, legal benchmarks, advice on doctor-patient relationship, consent, capacity, confidentiality and management of health records.

    Medical ethics today: an authoritative guide providing practical advice on the legal and ethical issues you encounter from day-to-day. Throughout this book, you’ll discover practical and relevant case studies and examples of best practice in real world situations.


  • BMJ

    As a member you are entitled to a range of useful resources from BMJ. From their international peer-reviewed medical journal The BMJ, to their highly-acclaimed professional development courses and jobs listings, BMJ can help you keep up to date with the latest developments in medicine.


  • Learning and development


    If you struggle to find the time to attend learning and development courses, our range of free webinars, allow you to access learning and development remotely from a computer or tablet.



    Ask Doctor Clarke revision sessions

    In partnership with Dr Bob Clarke, medical student members can strengthen their knowledge and learn effective exam techniques to get through finals.


    E-learning modules

    Get insightful and practical guidance to advance in your career with our e-learning modules in association with BMJ.




    Achieve your career goals with our selection of non-clinical career development training workshops  helping you fulfil your true potential without having to spend a fortune.



    Bespoke workplace training

    If you and your colleagues have training needs and it’s difficult for you to find the time to leave your place of work, our experienced medical careers consultants can come to you.



  • Pensions

    Pension advice

    Pensions are a complex and changing issue which is why our dedicated in-house team of experts are on-hand to provide advice and guidance on the 1995 -2008 sections of the NHS pension scheme.



    Planning for retirement seminars

    To arm you with right knowledge to make informed choices about your retirement we run a series of retirement planning seminars on all aspects of retirement planning, including the NHS pension.


  • Work-life support

    Supporting you across your professional and personal life, our range of services from preferred specialists can help make your life easier. All at discounted rates for members.

    Independent financial advice

    Insurance and protection

    Foreign currency exchange service

    Expert tax advice and services

    Personal injury claims support

  • Doctors' wellbeing

    BMA counselling

    If you’re in need of support, BMA counselling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our counselling service is staffed by professional telephone counsellors who are all members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and are bound by strict codes of confidentiality and ethical practice. Call 0330 123 1245 to speak to a counsellor in confidence.  



    Doctor advisor service

    If you find yourself in distress or difficultly and would like to speak to a fellow doctor in confidence, you can get support through our doctor advisor service.  Call 0330 123 1245 to speak to someone in confidence.  




    A new, confidential, not for profit, psycho-therapeutic consultation service for all doctors. By using DocHealth you will be able to explore difficulties, both professional and personal, with senior clinicians who have the collective experience of treating over 2000 doctors in the last 20 years. The service offers up to six face to face sessions with expert signposting to longer term support and liaison with other health services where needed.


  • Library

    As a member you have access to a full range of core clinical textbooks, online resources and, if you can’t visit us personally, we’ll cover the cost of posting your books to wherever you’re located in the UK.


  • BMA Law

    With preferential rates for members and an extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, BMA Law offer expert, cost-effective legal advice. Whether you’re a GP partner in need of guidance on partnership agreements or you need a Will or conveyancing services, BMA Law can help you and your family.


  • Connecting doctors

    Share you view, give your opinions and join the conversations taking place on our connecting doctors platform.

  • Life and work in the UK

    Immigration advice

    Moving to a new country comes with its challenges but we can help you through it by providing basic immigration advice through our team of specialist advisers.



    Visa alerts

    If you are on a UK visa you can sign up to our member exclusive visa alerts to help you keep on top of the increasingly complex immigration and visa rules.


Membership highlights

  • ARM 2016 delegates socialising 4

    Be rewarded for recruiting members

    A whole range of benefits for members who become BMA ambassadors. Read our FAQs to find out more.

  • Group therapy

    Membership services in Scotland

    BMA Scotland is always working hard to provide excellent services to members. Find out more from members who have benefitted from our services.

  • Audience at Public Health Conference 2016

    Join our Advisory Panel

    Join the BMA Advisory Panel and help us shape new propositions and get to know doctors from different branches of practice.