What is an LNC?

LNCs (local negotiating committees) are made up of elected local BMA representatives who negotiate and make collective agreements with local management on behalf of medical and dental staff of all grades.

Location: England
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Monday 31 July 2023
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LNC's support the work of the regional and national branch of practice committees; negotiating on issues including terms and conditions of service and working arrangements.

The BMA values the importance of LNC’s as an independent trade union. The BMA is dedicated to protecting individual members and the collective interests of doctors and dentists in the workplace.


LNC's support the BMA

As a LNC representative, you can help members with materials that the BMA have developed to be used with Trusts for local use. These can be shared to promote  joining the BMA to help recruit more members. 

LNC campaign resources

The BMA has developed materials that can be adapted from Trusts for local use. 

BMA promotional materials

Booklets and service flyers
  • Recruitment booklet for all branches of practice, featuring BMA member benefits
  • Learning and development: service flyer for all branches of practice, featuring learning and development resources
  • Wellbeing support services: service flyer for all branches of practice, featuring BMA wellbeing support services.
Other materials
  • BMA rep business cards: branded business cards for BMA representatives
  • BMA library and archive: library business card for all branches of practice
  • BMA rep lanyard: 3-point break or retractable lanyards for BMA representatives
  • BMA pens and other freebies: ballpoint pens and freebies for all branches of practice.

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